2019 update: How Giglio went from local retailer to international brand in the era of social proof

Monday, August 12, 2019

Giglio's Key Benefits from using Trustpilot reviews

Giglio realized that a stellar online presence can be a key to success in the eCommerce space, where it’s not as easy to build up a personal relationship with customers.

With the goals of opening a dialogue with their customer base and better communicating with a worldwide audience, Giglio decided to partner with Trustpilot in 2017.

Ever since, they’ve used the Trustpilot platform to monitor their customer satisfaction, maximize their eCommerce conversions, and grow their bottom line.

We really appreciated the fact that Trustpilot is a world leading online reviews platform translated and localized in all languages, as it is fundamental for a company like ours that wants to reach out to all its customers around the globe
Fabio Ginestra, Head of Marketing Operations

How Giglio uses Trustpilot’s features and integrations

Driven by their automatic review collection strategy, Giglio empowers their customers to communicate insights, questions, and concerns directly to the team through reviews. This provides the business with valuable customer feedback they can show and use in their marketing emails and SERP ads.

Adding this kind of social proof to their marketing materials has also boosted their performance in key metrics.

For example, after adding Trustpilot review content to their AdWords campaigns, Giglio has seen an incredible 20% click-through rate campaigns that showcase Trustpilot stars.

But their use of Trustpilot doesn’t stop there at the very top of the funnel — Giglio has also made the most of TrustBox widgets on their website to build trust, which is known to boost eCommerce conversions.

We perform A/B tests for all levels of the purchase funnel, and the results show that the ones containing Trustpilot elements achieve the best results in terms of conversion rate.
Fabio Ginestra, Head of Marketing Operations

The widget TrustBox in the shopping cart page

Thanks to this simple integration, and according to A/B test results on their checkout page, Giglio increased their conversion rate by 7% with their TrustBox.

A/B test results measuring the impact of a TrustBox on Giglio's checkout page

Another key widget in Giglio’s marketing strategy has been the TrustBox Newsletter, which Giglio implemented throughout their email communication in hopes of increasing the trustworthiness of their company communications.

In this case, the A/B test results also show that click-through rate increased by almost 10%, which is especially significant considering the many kinds of emails Giglio sends to their potential customers.

Thanks to this powerful tool, Giglio showcases their star rating in email marketing campaigns and transactional emails, allowing them to benefit from social proof across channels, and at different stages of the eCommerce customer journey.

It’s an opportunity for us to show the high quality of our services. At the same time it provides us with a daily challenge to constantly improve our performance, especially in the areas where we struggle. In that sense nothing is more valuable than a review - even a bad one - from the people who have decided to place trust in your company.
Fabio Ginestra, Head of Marketing Operations

Example of a TrustBox Newsletter in one of Giglio's emails