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Thursday, April 12, 2018

At Trustpilot, we know the power of reviews extends far beyond the boundaries of and your website. So, we asked our customers across the globe to show us how they used Trustpilot in their marketing campaigns. Check out our favorites below, and what customers have to say about them:


MailMyPrescriptions - Television ad airing on over 50 local and cable television channels and networks

“By utilizing TrustPilot reviews we have an opportunity to let our customers tell others their story to not just friends and family, but the country. These stories validate the customer has reinvented the pharmacy experience, and we are using Trustpilot to reinvent storytelling.” -- Santo J. Leo, Founder, CEO & President, MailMyPrescriptions

MailMyPrescriptions mail order pharmacy instills trust in potential new customers and tells their unique story by incorporating reviews into television commercials.

TrailersPlus - In-Store and on Facebook

“Trustpilot reviews have helped our company move forward in a positive way. Customer feedback is the best way to improve the day to day performance of our businesses as well as correct the negative experiences or concerns some customers might have had. We have really enjoyed using Trustpilot and it has served an integral role with our company. Thank you!” -- Ashley Brown, Assistant Marketing Manager, TrailersPlus

Trailers Plus displays their best reviews across 60 TrailersPlus locations nationwide - instilling confidence in potential customers who come in looking to buy a new trailer.

inkbox - Instagram Stories

“Reviews can be super powerful, especially when you show them in a fun and creative way. Instagram stories allow us to show our Trustpilot reviews to an already engaged and interested audience.Every time we show our reviews on our IG stories we have around 40,000 eyes on it, so the influence is definitely there.” -- Braden Handley, President/Co-Founder, inkbox

Inkbox, a semi-permanent tattoo company, proudly displays their reviews on their Instagram Stories - putting testimonials where their target audience is already looking!

Surety Bonds - Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

“Engagement rate is significantly higher when we use reviews compared to a lot of what we share online. Big, happy faces accompanied by a real customer review seems to resonate well with people scrolling through their news feed. Being an online business, our excellent team behind the scenes rarely gets the public recognition it deserves. Our service is far and away the best in the surety industry. It's easy for us (and our competitors) to make such claims, so we rely on reviews from our customers to drive that fact home to new prospects doing research.”
-- Michael Henderson, Digital Marketing Director, Surety Bonds

Surety Bonds, a trusted source for surety bond solutions, uses the search tool, in combination with Trustpilot’s Image Generator tool to highlight their hard-working team members and to show customers that they are in good hands.

JumpSport, Inc. - Print Advertisement

“Trustpilot stars and logo provide credibility for audiences who've never heard of us. Almost every new business relationship we make comments on seeing our ad in Southwest.” -- Forrest Bless, Director of Marketing, JumpSport, Inc.