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Friday, June 15, 2018

Selling books online is a pretty tough market with players like Amazon around.

Nevertheless, Danish online bookstore is doing well in a market that's very price-sensitive and easy to compare. In fact, it's doing so well that Danish online consumers rated it the best webshop in Denmark in 2011. Ensuring that customers get a good and safe deal is a key part of their success, and Trustpilot plays a significant role when it comes to measuring customer satisfaction and building trust on

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Peter Hestbæk, CMO of, explains: "In essence, all well-known companies are on Trustpilot, whether they like it or not. Our customers submitted many reviews, resulting in a decent TrustScore of 7.5. But we wanted to show that we are a safe place to shop and drive more reviews from satisfied customers.

In September 2011, decided to take an active approach and invest in Trustpilot Business. now collects reviews by sending email invitations through the Automatic Feedback Service to all customers one week after they purchase a book. Customers are encouraged to write a review about the book, but the primary call-to-action is to give feedback about the company.The goal is to encourage customers to submit content that is useful for others, but in the after-sales process, company reviews are prioritised.

In June 2013, made a few small but important changes to get the most out of its positive customer feedback. It promoted recent reviews close to the checkout page "Add-to-basket" button and measured the impact by setting up an A/B split test. The new version include the newly designed stars while the control version had no reviews or ratings at all.

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The team saw some extraordinary results. On the page version with reviews, the average basket size was 22% higher and the overall conversion rate increased by 15.42%. The company's TrustScore improved to 9.3 (October 2013).

The ability to build trust on our website is simply a must-have.
Peter Hestbæk, CMO

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