How Trustpilot helped this digital marketing agency boost their client's conversions by 22%

Monday, March 18, 2019

Why Trustpilot?

To understand why Epiphany came to Trustpilot, and why they recommend Trustpilot to their clients, we need to ask a more pressing question: ‘Why reviews?’ Epiphany explains:

“We understand how important it is for potential customers to feel comfortable when buying from a brand. As consumers become more and more empowered, using trust signals to reassure visitors throughout the buying journey and build trust through third-party validation is simply not an option for businesses anymore.”

“Despite being a big revenue driving business, Furniture Choice is not as well known as others in the market such as DFS, SCS and Oak Furnitureland. As a result, it’s important to use social proof to boost customer confidence and reduce scepticism as much as possible. Nothing does that more than other customers’ validation.”

Furniture Choice became a Trustpilot client in January 2012 and haven’t looked back since. They display Trustpilot reviews across all channels, and now have an amazing 9.3/10 TrustScore from over 7,500 reviews.

A/B testing with Trustpilot widgets

To get the most of Trustpilot reviews, Epiphany and Furniture Choice experimented with Trustpilot widgets on-site.

“We wanted to be tactical about where we situated and utilised the logo.”

Furniture Choice expressed their wish to reduce cart abandonment, and boost customer confidence where they needed it most - at the end of the buying journey.

They tested having the Trustpilot logo on the basket page to reassure and encourage users. And it worked!

Below is a snapshot of the checkout page with and without the trust signals:

After implementing the reviews, Epiphany and Furniture Choice saw an incredible 22% increase in conversion rate.

After a lot of research and user testing which showed the positive impact of Trustpilot reviews on client results, Epiphany is currently looking to implement the Trustpilot widgets throughout more stages of the buying journey to see further improvements and help more clients like Furniture Choice.

Epiphany and Furniture Choice are securing a trusted, transparent future with Trustpilot reviews. And we think it’s time you joined them!