How customer insights and online reviews helped Agos meet customers’ needs

Friday, July 6, 2018

The customer-centric approach is the main pillar of Agos vision. Through this approach, Agos is able to create a solid and long-lasting relationship, based on the ability to respond to customers’ needs and all the concerns they express. This model allows them to fully focus on personalised advices and the relationship between the customer and the bank, labeled as “Quality time”.

Trust is the backbone of every relationship between Agos and their customers and it is a distinctive element that allows the company to keep pace with the market, and in line with their new corporate strategy - 100% Human, 100% Digital. For Agos, being 100% digital means improving the customer experience around services, leveraging the potential of data, and being in tune with new consumer trends. Being 100% human means assuming a customer-centric perspective and promoting the culture of listening and responding in order to be closer to customers - always with an eye to transparency. Thus, Agos invites their customers to clearly express their opinion about the company - feedback that is then shared with a bigger audience.

Agos’ profile shows an outstanding TrustScore of 8.9, based on more than 26,000 reviews.

Why did Agos team up with Trustpilot?

According to the Edelman’s Trust Barometer, trust in financial institutions is at its lowest level among all business sectors in 2018. In this climate of growing distrust, Agos is contributing to the discourse of a conscious involvement in the financial market, focusing on honesty and transparency and promoting a higher credit product awareness. In this context where trust plays a key role in the nature of the relationship between the customer and the financial institution, customer feedback can really make the difference.

“What’s a better ad than your satisfied customers?” - Guido Rindi

Agos decided to embrace Trustpilot to give voice to their customers and to better understand and respond to their needs. Agos’ corporate goal is to create a solid and long lasting relationship with every customer based on trust, which is the distinctive element that defines how they market themselves. The willingness to ever improve their customers’ experience has led them to identify Trustpilot as a strategic partner, with the aim to enhance their customers’ knowledge and understanding.

The Trustpilot platform offers a way to shorten the distance between the financial service provider and the customer, decreasing distrust and enabling the company to attract new potential clients by showing the previous customers’ experience. Financial institutions need to build a strong reputation, by learning to compete offline as well as online. A firm that interacts with consumers online to learn more about their experiences like Agos is likely to gain their trust. By collaborating with Trustpilot, Agos can help users find the most convenient and suitable financial products for their needs.

Which Trustpilot features are most relevant for Agos?

Agos personalised their review invitation emails and implemented a TrustBox widget on each page of their website to boost visibility.

Agos TrustBox widget

They also added Trustpilot reviews to their social media channels and focused especially on the pre-tagging feature. In short, Agos pre-tags review invitations before emails are sent to customers. This way, they can collect insights on the daily work of the single local branches (more than 230 in Italy), increase their processes’ efficiency and create a better customer experience. Last but not least, Agos is taking into consideration using Trustpilot marketing assets in their visuals and communication materials.

Agos displays reviews on social media using Trustpilot Facebook Page Tab

How Agos keeps track of its performance using the pre-tagging feature

With Trustpilot, it is possible to add relevant tags to reviews, categorising them and analysing the business performance from start to finish.

The pre-tagging feature allows Agos to automate the tagging process by specifying tags before an invitation is sent to customers. When invitations are pre-tagged, reviews are automatically tagged, and the company is able to segment and analyse them as they roll in. Using this Trustpilot feature, Agos is capable of automatically identifying reviews per strategic parameters, and get valuable business insights. This way, Agos can easily analyse and benchmark performance from review data and locate possible trends in reviews.

Agos can compare any combination of their tags with the Trustpilot Insights dashboard.

Negative reviews are always addressed in a rapid and systematic way. Because of pre-tagging, every time a 1-star review is published on Agos’ profile, an automated email is sent to the customer service representative or to the branch who managed the paperwork. They quickly get in touch with the reviewer to understand what went wrong and try to solve the problem. This process has had a huge impact in terms of efficiency and customer satisfaction. The tagging feature allows Agos to implement targeted marketing strategies, such as displaying Targeted TrustBoxes on their website, which show reviews that are relevant for a specific audience. This means Agos customers can easily see reviews for the local branch they are interested in and that is certainly more relevant to them.

Agos’ strategy is based on customers and their needs. To embrace this approach, Trustpilot’s reviews are fundamental for Agos as they represent the starting point of an ever improving service. Thanks to the value of customer insights, Agos is able to fill the existing gap between consumers and financial service providers in such a challenging industry.