Case study: At SpareFoot reviews are the motivation

Thursday, June 14, 2018
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Founded in 2008, SpareFoot began as a person-to-person storage website that helped people rent extra space for storage in private residences.

The company quickly morphed to help customers shop for units in the self-storage industry and now bills itself as “the world’s largest, simplest and best marketplace for self-storage.” SpareFoot organizes the largest selection of storage units with real-time pricing and availability on the Web.

SpareFoot offers self-storage at over 6,500 facilities across the U.S. In addition to their marketplace, they also provide leading web marketing solutions for storage operators.

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The goal

With the help of a review partner, SpareFoot hoped to understand more about why customers visit the website and what they expect from the storage marketplace so they could incorporate this information into its customer service processes.

What they wanted

  • Capture reviews of its online marketplace to build trust
  • Push reviews to customer service representatives, product engineers and other key stakeholders in the company to improve the customer’s experience and influence the product roadmap
  • Identify a technology partner that could help integrate reviews into the overall customer journey assessment

The work

Previously, SpareFoot developers had created a way for customers to review the storage facilities they selected from the online marketplace, and the company used that feedback to gauge satisfaction about the individual facilities, pricing, and onsite security.

However, this process lacked a way to collect feedback from customers about the SpareFoot experience itself, which is at the heart of SpareFoot’s mission and business model. The company wanted a third-party solution that not only could gather and publish customer reviews, but also deliver feedback on the search and reservation process to help answer key questions and inform the product roadmap.

"We saw Trustpilot as a forward-thinking company like ours – one with which we could integrate deeply. It’s great to have a reviews product that gives us the backend technology we need, and also have the ability to turn it into a tool that can motivate our team, get us excited about customer service and drive our product roadmap." — Josh Lipton, VP Technology, SpareFoot

The results

Soon after implementing Trustpilot, SpareFoot started incorporating reviews into decision making by having executives read a few positive reviews and a few negative ones at the weekly all-hands meeting.

Next, the company began forwarding all reviews on a regular basis to its product team, which used the feedback to pinpoint product challenges and opportunities for improvements and new features.

"The steady stream of feedback our Trustpilot reviews provide have enabled us to clearly see areas of our business that need attention while also highlighting what we're doing well, which is an awesome motivator. There's no better way to analyze our sites' user experience than by hearing it directly from the consumers themselves."

  • Jeanette DeHay, Marketing Operations Manager, SpareFoot

Now, when low reviews come in, SpareFoot generates a case in, which the company’s Amazing Customer Experience (ACE) Team then is charged with addressing. Inside the ACE Team, a Wow Factor group of eight employees selects reviews on an ongoing basis and then rewards team members across the organization who help create exceptionally positive customer experiences.

Using the Trustpilot API, SpareFoot also implemented a live stream of individual reviews to the internal dashboards of its call center agents, so employees can see exactly how their efforts affect customers.

That stream also is integrated into the company’s proprietary chat rooms, where reviews are organized by agent, and high-performing agents are recognized on a leaderboard showing aggregate average ratings for cases they handled.

Finally, by featuring Trustpilot reviews on its homepage, SpareFoot has recorded an uptick in conversions.

The company also has seen its Google Seller Ratings climb thanks to customer feedback, fueling better returns from AdWords campaigns. With more than 10,000 reviews and a rating of 9.3 out of 10, SpareFoot is using Trustpilot reviews throughout the customer journey, in addition to using the solution to close the feedback loop on the user experience.

If you too want to start showcasing your company's reputation online, create a free Trustpilot account below.


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