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Improve your online reputation and conversion rate with the free Trustpilot plugin for WooCommerce stores.

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86% of consumers said they are likely to purchase if the homepage has positive star ratings and reviews

Drive more sales by displaying your reviews

Trustpilot’s free plugin allows you to automate review collection and feature customer reviews on your WooCommerce store to increase conversion rate.

TrustBox widgets have helped companies increase conversions by as much as 130%.

With a copy-paste of code, you too can share Trustpilot reviews on your site, in email signatures, newsletters or anywhere your customers might be looking.

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How it works

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Install the plugin

Download Trustpilot plugin from here. Go to Wordpress, your Admin menu, then Plugins and Add new. Follow the instructions on Wordpress to complete installation

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Automate your review requests

Set up your email information and set invitation triggers. You can set up invitations when the order is confirmed or completed.

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Showcase your reviews on your site

Simply drag and drop multiple TrustBox widgets on your store. Rearrange, customize, and publish widgets without any code changes.

Trustpilot is an official WooCommerce partner

Trustpilot's integration with WooCommerce enables over 7,000 merchants to grow their store and brand reputation, and increase sales by offering them easy-to-use and customizable tools.

Display great reviews on your store today

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