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How to ensure your brand Is trusted for travel with online reviews

Friday, June 15, 2018
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Imagine this: a white, soft sandy beach; sunshine showering your sun-kissed face; a wisp of your hair waving in the warm wind; the crystal blue sea slowly stroking the shore.

That’s a great scene to imagine, but in reality you’ve just been on a plane that stank of stale cheese, and have been sent to the wrong hotel. It’s riddled with cockroaches, the toilet has broken, and the swimming pool is a swamp.

It’s just a playful scenario here, but the fear is real: two in five Brits (43%) fear falling victim to a travel scam.

It’s important that you’re trusted to travel with. By the end of this guide, you will have a reliable compass on:

  • What attracts and deters travellers
  • 10 ways you can show you’re trusted
  • How to build trust with online reviews

Research statistics from a Trustpilot-backed online poll of 2,000 British adults conducted by One Poll in January 2016.

What Attracts and Deters Travellers

When two-thirds of people (68%) say that holidays are an important personal investment for themselves, and 74% say that holidays are their biggest individual spend each year, the fear of being scammed is totally understandable.

With this in mind, the importance of reviews in the customer decision-making process cannot be understated.

Online feedback attracts customers: 69% say that they are more likely to pick a holiday provider who has better reviews over one that’s cheaper and with poorer reviews.

Our research shows that 64% of consumers consider a company’s reviews before booking a holiday with them, and over one-third (39%) say that they consider those online reviews more powerful when booking a holiday than a recommendation from a friend or family member.

But do not discount the power of your brand: a poor website deters 73% of customers from booking a holiday.

Alongside assuring a simple, attractive website, your customer service needs to match your image. 81% will not purchase a holiday from a company with poor customer service.

Our research shows you need to combine great customer service, with a great offering, and real opinions from your customers to be the best option out there.

A total of 66% say holidays are the purchase they spend the most time researching, so make sure you stand out.

10 Ways You Can Show You Are Trusted in Travel

In our research, we asked people what features tell them a particular travel company - whether dealing with flights, hotels, or insurance - is trustworthy.

Their answers are what we’ve called ‘Trust Triggers’ - a series of key attributes the best companies have. Here they are, ranked in order of importance.

statistics circles

How many can you confidently say you offer or are known for? Reviews can help you tick all 10 from the list. Our review ROI calculator shows you the revenue you could be gaining right now.

How To Build Trust With Online Reviews

Research from BrightLocal claims that 92% of consumers read online reviews, and that 40% form an opinion from just a few reviews.

Online reputation is the cornerstone of online success. Reviews are the only true, verified, and trusty way to build your reputation.

With Trustpilot, your reviews give you a TrustScore - a colourful out-of-five-star rating that gives customers a snapshot of your reputation. It’s an easy way to gauge how trustworthy you are, and it’s easy to merge with your marketing too.

It doesn’t end there. Do you use Google AdWords? Reviews can boost your Google Seller Rating. A boosted Google Seller Rating increases clickthrough rates (CTR) by an average of 10% because customers know what trust to place in you just from search results. We have a full guide on maximising your Google power through reviews.

Customers want a full view of your business, mistakes included. Distance creates mistrust that no amount of travelling can bring together.


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