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Trustpilot Labs: Putting customer reviews in the social spotlight

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Trustpilot Labs is an ongoing series of articles that provides insight into some of the fun and experimental products, features, and prototypes the Trustpilot product team is working on. All customers have free access to Trustpilot Labs and can test out these features themselves to improve their Trustpilot experience.

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It’s tough for companies to get noticed on social media. You’re up against everything from kitten videos to top 10 weight-loss miracles, so how can you possibly compete with all that craziness?

Some companies have started sharing their customer reviews on social media, as it keeps their social content fresh and personal. Reviews are a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition, to prove that you value your customers' opinions, and to convey loyalty and trust with established customers.

But are reviews enough to grab the attention of your audience?

At Trustpilot, we’ve learned from our own social activity that posts get double the engagement when they include a visual element. And Twitter discovered that including an image in your social media post can increase engagement by an average of 35%.

So why not step it up a notch by combining images with reviews? We recently built a nifty Image Generator for social media that creates images with text overlays. Read on to learn about the experiment, and how to use it.

(Psst! You can find the Image Generator in Trustpilot Labs and try it out for free!)

We collected inspiration from our customers

We didn’t have to look far to get inspired. Trustpilot’s customers are very creative when it comes to posting reviews. We gathered some of the best examples and started playing around with a more visual way of sharing reviews.

Check out some of our customers’ cool social posts:

Social+media+image+with+review (1)

Although visual posts are a great way to generate a lot of customer engagement, a lot of companies don’t have the resources or the time to create them. That’s why we created a tool that makes it easy for all companies to share their reviews in a visually appealing manner.

We tested and built a prototype - meet the Image Generator...

After a lot of testing and playing around, we built a cool tool that interlaces a piece of text with a striking image to create an eye-catching post for social media. With plenty of visuals to choose from, we’ve made it easy for you to create the right image and text overlay for every single post.

Oh, and did we mention it takes less than a minute? No designer or other tools required.

  1. Select a quote from a favorite review
  2. Select a background image
  3. Download to share it on social media

That's it!


It’s posting time! Promote your review with a catchy hashtag

Once you’ve crafted your image, you’re ready to start sharing. By adding the right hashtags, catchy status updates, and tweets, you can optimize your posts to boost your online reputation. Show followers how you’re rated, encourage engagement, and bolster your credibility.

Here are some examples of how you can promote your review post:

Considering our service? Read our latest reviews @Trustpilot

Another glowing #5StarReview for #CompanyName on @Trustpilot #OurCustomersLoveUs

Awesome customer feedback on @Trustpilot. Read all of our customer reviews

Don't take our word for it, see what our customers are saying #CustomerService #Reviews via @Trustpilot

Thanks for your kind words, Francis! #OurCustomersLoveUs via @Trustpilot

Another great review from an #awesomecustomer, #thankyou Francis via @Trustpilot

Keep in mind that while social posts are important for keeping your current followers engaged, a well thought-out post can also attract new prospects through search results. So tweet it like you meant it!

Want to create your own customized version?

For those of you who want to build your own images with text overlays, we recommend checking out the Marketing Assets section of Trustpilot Business. Here you can see how other companies have integrated Trustpilot’s branding assets into their social media posts and you can find our brand assets as well.

Download what you need, and have fun putting some trust in all your social media campaigns.



And that’s the gist of it - the Image Generator is another cool prototype that we’re proud to have built in Trustpilot Labs’ fun test environment. We hope that it helps you step up your game on social media, or inspires you to build an Image Generator of your own.

Download our latest report below, and find out how leveraging Trustpilot on social ads could boost your marketing efforts.

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