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the psychology behind trust signals
Social Proof
The Psychology Behind Trust Signals
## Why and how social proof influences consumers throughout the buying journey In today’s competitive market, third-party validation is a great way to help consumers make better informed choices. In 2019, consumers not only have greater choice, higher expectations, and more opportunities to share their opinions — they also research companies more than ever before. Because of this, they’re more likely to trust brands that value transparency and openness, and leverage trust signals on their website. Indeed, 86% admit that they are more likely to buy from brands displaying positive star ratings or reviews on their homepage.
noukie s case study video trustpilot.PNG
Customer Experience
How Noukie’s use Trustpilot to deliver better experiences
Founded in 1992, Noukie’s is a Belgian, family-owned, business. Today, it has become the leading specialist in products for newborn babies and little ones up to 6 years old, offering high quality products to create a complete, beautiful environment and ensure their well-being and safety. Today, Noukie’s own 23 stores in Belgium and France, and also have a wide network of multi-brand retailers in 26 countries around the world. The brand believes everything works better with love, and wants to contribute to a more positive world. One of their hashtags, #growtogether, reflects Noukie’s brand ethos and company vision. Before joining Trustpilot, Noukie’s measured marketing efforts in a number of different ways, and lacked customer proximity. Since joining Trustpilot, the brand has built stronger, more trusted relationships with its customers, and has collected a whopping 5,600 reviews. To better understand why they chose Trustpilot, and how they use reviews to better their business, we spoke with Amaury Gilliot, Marketing and eCommerce manager at [Noukie’s](
Trustpilot x Looka Case Study
Social Proof
How social proof helps Looka shine as a new brand in a new industry
Looka is an AI-powered platform that allows small businesses and entrepreneurs to create a custom logo and build a brand they’re proud of. If this sounds like a futuristic concept, it is. The industry just came about in the last decade, presenting an interesting challenge to players in the space. Compared to real live graphic designers — who can easily build trusted relationships with their clients through ongoing face-to-face interactions — Looka saw an opportunity as a new player in the online logo-making industry to grow a strong brand reputation and gain fast traction. Read on to learn how Looka has made waves in a new industry (with a new brand identity) thanks to some help from social proof and online reviews.
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