How Staysure uses the power of AI to build customer trust

Tuesday, January 31, 2023
How Staysure uses the power of AI to build customer trust

'Worth doing right'. This is the ethos that has driven a travel insurance company,, to establish long-lasting relationships with the millions of policyholders it's acquired.

The trust they have established with their customers is reflected with over 200,000 five-star reviews from Trustpilot, more than any other travel insurance provider.

With thousands of new reviews each month, the award-winning company - which specialises in insuring travelers over the age of 50 - is now exploring innovative ways to analyse reviews and understand customer needs. That involves working with an AI.

Stars Only Tell You One Part of the Story

To better understand what thousands of customers are thinking and saying, the Northampton-based company recently took an innovative approach in solving their customers' problems. They combined internal innovation workshops with data taken from Trustpilot's new AI tool, 'Review Insights', that identifies topics and customer sentiment in each review.

Although a fairly new approach, Staysure's innovation workshops are delivering positive results by involving different teams and generating a plethora of ideas for solving business problems. The team is pulling data-driven reports from Trustpilot's new tool to identify the most common customer complaints, and then prioritise new solutions.

Whilst only in its early stages, we are already finding value in utilising the Review Insights data to shape subject matter for our forum and workshops. Topics pulled from Trustpilot are taken to the table and discussed with the forum which would lead into an open and collaboration session where suggestions and ideas come to life. There are a number of avenues that output from the forum we can take, including improvements in our change process, marketing teams, and product & pricing departments...
Ellie Newstead
Customer Success Analyst at
Ellie Newstead, Customer success analyst at Staysure

Trust as a Foundation of a Long-lasting Relationship with Customers

Trust is a key factor for Staysure’s business. The company specialises in tailored insurance for travelers over 50, who often have unique medical challenges or pre-existing conditions that can limit their travel experiences.

For this group of travelers, it is very important to feel confident and safe when they travel. An illness or injury may be a common thing, and treatment can be excessively expensive in a foreign country. Having trust in your insurance provider, and believing that you are in safe hands, is crucial. It is a delicate balance built on trust and good service.

To earn that trust, Staysure’s approach is to provide tailored insurance, and to stay connected with their customers. But with a whopping 250,000+ reviews, it can be challenging to understand each customer’s satisfaction or to manage each customer’s expectations.

Staysure leverages trust throughout the user journey

The company is receiving over a thousand of reviews each month, and like every other business that has faced an increasing number of customers, they slowly started recognising trends happening at scale. It takes time and effort to identify actionable insights from those trends, unless you have access to an AI tool that can recognise them almost instantly.

Review Insights is saving us a lot of manual work which we were conducting by theming reviews ourselves. Due to the high volume of reviews coming in, this was taking up a large proportion of our available resources. We can now enable key stakeholders to have a quick snapshot on what topics are doing well and not so well in the monthly meetings, showing our most obvious pain points using the heat maps.
Ellie Newstead
Customer Success Analyst at
Ellie Newstead quote

As part of the Customer Experience Team at Staysure, Ellie has used Trustpilot’s new Review Insights to identify relevant topics based on customer sentiment, and to prioritise customer complaints that need immediate attention. This approach helps them identify “discount” as a relevant topic they needed to assess.

Discount came up as one of our top themes and from this, we started to look deeper into customer thoughts. We noticed customers were raising concerns around our marketing discount being misleading and untransparent. We gathered these feedback points from other areas of the business such as webchat, customer service calls and a voice survey. We then pitched this to marketing on how we could be promoting this discount and making caveats clearer, such as being included in the discount banner and not at the bottom of the webpage alongside other T&Cs. A small change, but gaining a customer’s trust can show real value in the long term
Ellie Newstead
Customer Success Analyst at

What an AI can Tell You about Customers’ Expectations?

Review Insights introduces sentiment analysis on a large scale, enabling businesses to learn from their customers and discover trends over time in customer satisfaction, which ultimately leads to improving their service.

The sentiment analysis of thousands of reviews is done by an AI, a machine learning proprietary algorithm that has currently analysed over 31 million reviews on Trustpilot, and discovered 45 million topics and sentiments within them.

We are building this tool with business intelligence in mind. We know businesses like to collect customer reviews to better understand how they are performing. But many businesses have collected tens of thousands of reviews, and we want to make it easier - almost instant - for them to understand customers, identify trends and influence an actionable change within their business. With Review Insights, businesses can make an AI-powered data-driven decision and improve their product or service
Kristian Schou
Product Manager of 'Review Insights' at Trustpilot
Kristians Quote

If you'd like to invest more time in trusted reviews, why not give Trustpilot's free version a go? It's quick and easy, just click the link below.


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