Respond to reviews

Show the world you care

Write back to your customers to thank them, solve issues, and show the world that you care

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Did you know?

Replying to reviews leads to better ratings.

Public response

Engage with your customers

Show that you listen to your customers and care about their experiences. Respond to your reviews to answer questions, resolve issues, give thanks, and build a better relationship with your customers.

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Reply in real time

Easily manage all your reviews

Email notifications send you an alert when customers write a new review. Filtering options allow you to control the notification frequency so you can resolve issues in real time.

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Smart integrations

Streamline customer engagement

Easily manage and respond to customer feedback from your Trustpilot business account or your own helpdesk software. Zendesk, Freshdesk, Slack, and Hootsuite integrations allow you to monitor and respond to your Trustpilot reviews.

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How it works

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1. Get a new review

Your review can come from your review invitation or customers organically writing a review on your profile.

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2. Receive a notification

Set notifications to come for all reviews, or for specific star ratings. You can get notifications in email or through an integration like Zendesk or Slack

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3. Respond to the review

Show the world that you care about your customers experience by leaving a comment on the review.


Homebridge Financial streamlines customer engagement with Trustpilot’s Zendesk integration.

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