Platform safeguards

Integrity matters - yours and ours

Custom fraud-detection software and a full-time Compliance Team help protect your brand and the Trustpilot platform from fake reviews

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Trustpilot's fraud detection - Platform Safeguards

Did you know?

Trustpilot has a global Trust and Transparency team of more than 50 people.

24/7 fraud detection

Intelligent fraud detection software

A vast majority of Trustpilot reviews are genuine and a reflection of a real buying experience. But fake reviews do exist, and we have a tool to find them. Our custom-built software runs 24/7 helping to detect suspicious reviews and remove those identified as fake.

Trustpilot's 24/7 fraud detection robot

Dedicated compliance experts

Real people working alongside smart tech

Our global Compliance Team works with our fraud detection software to take action against fraudulent behavior or misuse of our platform. If you flag a review, they’ll investigate it.

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Trustpilot's reported review response

Community whistleblowers

Backed by the power of community

On Trustpilot, everyone can flag reviews. Both companies and consumers can identify what they don’t believe meets our guidelines. Anyone with information about fraud or misuse of our platform can contact us directly and we investigate.

Trustpilot's whistleblower tool

Establishing industry standards

Preparing for the Internet of tomorrow

As one of the world’s biggest online review communities, we work internationally to help establish standards that safeguard consumer interests. We also work systematically with third-party sites to remove ads for soliciting reviews.

Trustpilot compliance to EU Regulations

How it works

"There's never a dull moment, and each and every case we handle is different."

Robert Munk
Global Director of Q&C Operations

Who is Trustpilot Compliance?
Corporate photo of Robert Munk, Trustpilot's Global Director, Q&C Operations

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