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Trustpilot Review Insights
Review InsightsMake data-driven decisions

Machine learning sorts all of your reviews and categorizes customer sentiment by our default options — or your own custom review topics — so you can monitor any changes to customer satisfaction in the areas that are most important to your business.

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Trustpilot's analytics tool
AnalyticsYour HQ for review performance

Get at-a-glance performance metrics and engage with customers all in one place. Monitor review invitation performance and tweak your strategy accordingly to collect more feedback — because more reviews mean more opportunity for ROI.

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Trustpilot Review Tagging feature
Review TagsSegment your feedback

Organize your reviews with the tag identifiers that work best for you, like location, sales agent, or vendor. Use them to create highly targeted website widgets on specific pages, or to dig even deeper into your review analytics and insights by key topics.

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“My favorite feature on Trustpilot - as far as a data nerd - I’d have to say the Dashboard and also the statistics module. It’s a place you can very quickly tap into what’s going on with your feedback and not only have a lot of stats and understanding at your fingertips . . . but it also makes it really easy to dial in to exactly what’s happening.”

Nathan Reid, uShip

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