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Fresh Relevance

Improve email and web conversions using Trustpilot reviews and Fresh Relevance personalization.

About Fresh Relevance

Fresh Relevance is the versatile personalization solution that empowers commerce-driven businesses to create customized cross-channel experiences with ease. The platform saves you time, integrates with your tech stack, and empowers you to deliver conversion-boosting personalized customer experiences across your website, app, emails, SMS, paid social and ads without relying on your IT team.

Our customers are fantastic advocates, enthusiastically writing about the great experience they have shopping with us. It is something we are very proud of. Fresh Relevance’s ratings & reviews feature is really easy to set up and use. It’s a great way to showcase the quality of our products to customers, either on site or in emails.
Jonathan Zetlaoui, Head of Product, Customer Experience & Analytics at MyOptique Group

Fresh Relevance and Trustpilot

With Fresh Relevance's Trustpilot integration, you can automatically pull live product and service reviews into personalized emails and web pages to build consumer trust and accelerate conversions.

Integration features include:

  • Add product rating stars to your website and in emails in your house style.
  • Lead with the most popular products by filtering products by star rating.
  • Set a minimum star threshold for ratings to be displayed.
  • Show detailed product reviews, including name, location and date of the review.


Look Fabulous Forever Creative Example
The Diamond Store Creative Example

Use cases

  • Make your cart abandonment emails convert better

    Add product ratings stars and detailed reviews to your bulk and triggered emails to guide shoppers towards a purchase.

  • Build trust with first-time shoppers

    Display service ratings and reviews on your homepage and in your welcome email series to build consumer confidence to purchase from you.

  • Optimize the customer experience

    Use granular segmentation and automatic optimization to serve the most effective product rating content to different customer groups across different channels.

  • Increase effectiveness of product recommendations

    Filter products to meet your goals. For example, promote your most highly-rated products or display products with a minimum star rating.