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Respond to Trustpilot reviews with Gorgias.

Respond to Reviews

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About Gorgias

Gorgias is a customer support helpdesk specially designed for eCommerce stores.

Gorgias and Trustpilot

Use this integration to get instant notifications from Gorgias when service or product reviews reviews are left on Trustpilot. Respond to the reviews from Gorgias manually (with agents) or automatically (via AI and machine learning) to deliver exceptionally fast and personalized customer experiences. Trustpilot review data is on full display in the Gorgias customer-side bar which agents can leverage to reward super fans and help recover unhappy customers at risk of churn.


Trustpilot + Gorgias

Use cases

  • Every new review left in Trustpilot will create a ticket in Gorgias

    Service and product reviews left in Trustpilot will automatically create a ticket in Gorgias for support agents to respond to.

  • See Trustpilot review data in Gorgias's customer side-bar

    Trustpilot reviews data is displayed in Gorgias's customer side-bar to increase visibility for support agents.

  • Reply to Trustpilot reviews within Gorgias

    When replying to a review from within Gorgias, an email will be sent to the customer, and the response will also show on Trustpilot under the review.