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Respond directly to Trustpilot service reviews within Khoros, using tags and powerful analysis tools to segment your service reviews to better engage customers throughout their digital journey.

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Learn from Reviews, Respond to Reviews

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About Khoros

Khoros’s customer engagement platform helps global brands create customers for life by connecting every facet of customer engagement, including digital contact centers, messaging, online brand communities, CX analytics, and social media management.

Khoros and Trustpilot

Khoros’ integration with Trustpilot lets brands monitor and respond to Trustpilot service reviews directly within Khoros as soon as they’re published. Reviews can be segmented based on their rating (1-5 stars) using tags in Khoros to make better informed future engagements.

Combine Trustpilot reviews with other customer service channels in Khoros for reporting to run deep analytics, highlighting trends and other insights you can use to maximize the impact of your customer engagements, helping encourage brand loyalty.


Utilizing Trustpilot service reviews in Khoros

Use cases

  • Respond to Trustpilot service reviews

    Drive loyalty and recurring purchases by delivering a customer service journey that puts customer satisfaction at the forefront. Leverage your agents' expertise and customer insight by allowing them to receive and respond to customer service reviews.

  • Gain a deeper understanding through analytics

    Better understand your Trustpilot service reviews by using Khoros’ analytics to unpack the customer sentiment behind them. Compare your reviews with other customer service channels and use these valuable insights to convert your customers into your biggest brand advocates.

  • Segment Trustpilot service reviews by their star rating (1-5)

    Use tags in Khoros to segment your Trustpilot service reviews based on whether the customer provided your business with a 1-5 star rating, allowing you to ensure each customer that leaves a review can be receive relevant and effective follow up engagement.