Q&A: Lola’s Cupcakes use reviews to sweeten their customer experience

Friday, June 8, 2018
Lola's Cupcakes case study

Whether it’s a birthday, office party, wedding or just because, a good cake can make an occasion. However, for a good cake you need more than a hungry crowd; you need a great baker.

Lola's Cupcakes are just that, hand-crafting some of London’s tastiest cakes every single day, no matter what occasion calls for a sweet treat.

Being a great supplier of scrumptious baked goods comes with more responsibility than baking luscious, colorful cakes. You need to assure deliveries are on time, that customer service solves every problem, and that ordering is easy.

We sat down with Phoebe Ellis-Rees from Lola’s Cupcakes to look at how Trustpilot helps Lola’s Cupcakes achieve their goal of being a leading London bakery.

What made you choose Trustpilot?

It was important to us to get insight into the customer experience beyond what happens in store, especially as we'd just worked to expand the reach of our delivery service.
We also liked the fact that review invitations were only sent to verified customers. It helps us actually hear the opinions of those who are otherwise just clicking to order online. It helps build an interaction.

What’s the biggest advantage you’ve seen from using Trustpilot?

By far the biggest pro for us has been being able to see the part of the customer experience we're not a part of (the moment of celebration - the cake eating!).
As the reviews come in, you can really see trends in experience day-to-day. It's been a great way to make us more aware of potential issues our customers may be encountering.

Our page is also frequently checked by staff not only in HQ but in store, so it's really opened up the customer experience for everyone.

How has Trustpilot helped you build trust with new and existing customers?

It's been great to hear from so many people who have been buying cakes from Lola's for years and years - they're an important part of our business and hearing about their experiences helps us to strive to deliver and better and better service for them every time.
It's their testimonies that we feel stand out the most on our Trustpilot page, and help demonstrate to new customers - or new potential customers - that we're not only reliable, but also delicious.

If you too want to start showcasing your company's reputation online, click the link below.

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