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Reassured tell us how they use Trustpilot reviews

Wednesday, December 18, 2019
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Reassured is the UK’s largest life insurance broker. The business specialises in arranging suitable life insurance and funeral plans to families across the country.

The Reassured team is proud to have helped protect over 400,000 families to this day. Their focus on customer satisfaction at all levels and stages of the customer journey has helped them achieve an incredible 4.8/5 TrustScore, from over 30,000 online reviews.

To better understand how the team utilise the Trustpilot platform to improve their service, build trust and showcase their reputation, we spoke with Ben Bendall, SEO & Analytics Manager at Reassured.

Why Trustpilot?

“As one of the most renowned review platforms worldwide, the authority such a rating was able to provide our brand was unquestionable. It was easy to implement and simple to request feedback from customers due to the ease of use,” says Ben.

Reassured is a service-only business, which means they leverage customer reviews as a means of establishing authority within the industry and building trust for future customers. Upon completion of application, they politely request all customers complete a review to help build up their portfolio. They now have over 30,000 reviews and have been reviewed ‘excellent’ in 89% of them.

The business choose to use their Trustpilot star rating on most pages of the website to demonstrate their high levels of service and frequently mention their statistics within their content.

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Reassured also use Trustpilot to take into account any below average reviews they receive and take action to rectify where possible to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.
Their business is centered around customer satisfaction, both with existing and new, and the use of Trustpilot helps them to ensure they maintain these high standards.

Using Trustpilot across the business

Predominantly, both their Sales and Marketing teams use Trustpilot to demonstrate the high levels of customer service delivered by Reassured.
The process begins with Sales, who will frequently leverage the company’s Trustpilot scores to showcase the trust people can put in the company. They will also then encourage customers to leave their own reviews based on their experience.

As previously mentioned, Marketing will use Reassured’s stats on most pages of the website, within their content creation and occasionally even off-site on social media and in interviews to build trust in the company and its customer service.

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The TrustScore is also used by their Recruitment team when looking to bring new members into the team. Sales-orientated businesses often have a negative stigma attached to them, so the high levels of customer engagement and satisfaction help reassure both potential and new recruits that their job will be a rewarding one.

How Trustpilot benefits Reassured

Reassured have grown their online presence rapidly in the past 2 years, and have experienced extreme improvements as a result. The team at Reassured strongly believe Trustpilot has a positive impact on their website and online campaigns, and as a result, they have made the decision to implement their star rating on all pages once their new website goes live early next year.

“We have been lucky to receive a huge proportion of ‘Excellent’ reviews from our customers, however, any which do not meet this standard are sent over to our complaints team. They then review the issue identified in the feedback and aim to rectify it to ensure that the customers receive the satisfaction they deserve. We also take on board these negative reviews and identify trends to modify business practices and ensure the highest possible standards for our customers,” explains Ben.

Trustpilot scores are also monitored individually per sales agent, applying bonuses for consistent high scores and further training for those who receive anything but perfect.

This allows Reassured to ensure all of their sales agents are delivering the best standards possible, but more importantly, to identify where they may require further training.

Ben also points out:
“We are incredibly proud of our high Trustpilot rating. The sample size is not small (over 30,000 reviews), and therefore, to maintain an 89% score of ‘Excellent’ is not only a huge credit to the business as a whole, but also to the individual staff who have worked so hard to achieve this.”

Overcoming challenges with Trustpilot

The business is only going to continue to grow, therefore, it will be a challenge to ensure that not only existing employees maintain their high standards, but also to ensure new recruits are trained to a certain level.

“We are very lucky to be thriving as a business and our TrustScore is simply helping us to succeed further,” says Ben.

“Trustpilot has been a huge driver for Reassured’s success and we would recommend anyone looking to build a positive image to their customers to consider using the platform. The more you can encourage your customers to leave reviews, the more authoritative it will help you become. Integrating the platform into the process on your business, actioning negative reviews and showcasing positive ones will only help your business succeed further. The platform is extremely easy to use and we strongly recommend it.”

The Reassured team are securing a trusted, transparent future with Trustpilot reviews. Isn’t it time you joined them?


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