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How Eventyrsport offers a stellar eCommerce customer experience with reviews

Friday, August 16, 2019

Having established a truly impressive number of outdoor apparel and equipment retail locations across Denmark and Sweden, it wasn’t until Eventyrsport built their eCommerce presence that they began to see customer reviews as a necessity for their business.

Inspired by the explosive effect social proof and customer reviews tend to have on conversion rates for online stores, Eventyrsport joined Trustpilot in 2011 and haven’t looked back since.

In fact, their use of Trustpilot has grown along with their business. For Eventyrsport, Trustpilot reviews have evolved from a simple conversion boosting tactic to a valuable feedback loop with their customers, allowing them to ace the customer experience — every time.

Creating a stellar customer experience for online shoppers

Believe it or not, Lars personally reads every single review left about Eventyrsport on Trustpilot. And why is that?

Because he believes that internalizing customer feedback is the only surefire way to futureproof a business and offer the best customer experience possible. After all, even the occasional bad review creates an opportunity for eCommerce greatness.

According to Lars and his team, negative reviews can be a huge help when it comes to spotting and correcting minor business issues before they become full fledged problems. And we couldn’t agree more.

In fact, this commitment to customer experience is alive and well across the whole organization at Eventyrsport. The team has a very high bar for customer experience, and they’re well aware that online shoppers care very much about the experiences of those who shopped before them.

That’s why Eventyrsport decided to use Trustpilot in their marketing materials to show off their excellent reputation at the very top of the buying journey. From their cross channel ads, newspapers and newsletters, to the prime real estate on their website — they put what customers are saying about their business front and center.

And because they’re aware that even customers shopping in their retail locations are likely to to do online research while in store, Eventyrsport has started featuring their customer feedback from Trustpilot reviews throughout their retail displays.

With their eight year commitment to customer experience and building trust with online audiences, we have no doubt that Eventyrsport is on the road to future proof success in eCommerce.


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