How online reviews power Wildland Trekking's journey to greatness

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

When asked what Wildland Trekking is all about, Scott Cundy, Co-owner at Wildland Trekking, is pretty confident in response.

“We lead travelers on multi-day hiking adventures all over the world. For this to work, our guests trust not just their vacations with us, but also their wellbeing and often that of family and friends,” says Scott Cundy.

“Building trust has been a critical part of our success as an organization.”

And the best way to build trust? Third-party review platforms, of course. And it’s paying off too - Wildland Trekking's click-through rate has increased by 13%.

Why Trustpilot?

Wildland Trekking have been active in curating their online reputation for years, with a solid presence on Google, Yelp and TripAdvisor since the beginning.

Yet it’s been with Trustpilot that the difference has been noticed.

“The difference in customer service so far is truly profound,” says Scott Cundy.

“With Trustpilot, we have a dedicated representative that we can contact at any time with questions. The web snippets are much more usable than TripAdvisor, with responsive designs, attractive layouts, and many to choose from.

“Clearly, Trustpilot has thought through their business model with both the reviewers and businesses in mind, which is a dramatically refreshing change from every other review site we’ve worked with.”

How Trustpilot is used

True to their praise, Wildland Trekking have certainly used the versatility of the Trustpilot products on offer, with TrustBoxes in pop-ups on landing pages, and TrustBoxes on key pages.

“We've implemented Trustpilot everywhere, particularly though on our landing pages and trip pages,” explains Scott Cundy.

“Many of our guests convert from the actual trip page of the trip they're interested in, and we believe having Trustpilot on those pages is the main reason (along with landing pages) that our engagement has improved.”

Wildland trekking TrustBoxes on site
Wildland trekking reviews

The benefits of Trustpilot

With such a wide use of Trustpilot across their web presence, the results have been pretty positive.

“Our click-through rate has increased by approximately 12-13% compared with similar timeframes from the previous year,” says Scott Cundy.

“What’s more, our bounce rate has decreased by 18.36%, and the average time
on site has increased by 54 seconds.”

And that’s not all - their Google Ads click-through rate has increased by 9.6%.

The journey isn’t over

As Wildland Trekking gain more reviews, there’s yet more uses for Trustpilot reviews, onsite and in major search engines.

Here’s to their continued effort. But, while we’re here, are you committed to your online reputation just like Wildland Trekking are?

Create your free Trustpilot account today to see the same benefits for your business. Click on the link below to sign up:


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