How saw a 37% increase in conversions with reviews

Thursday, September 3, 2020 Trustpilot case study is an online flower delivery service, delivering flowers in Ireland, and also in the U.A.E.

They are known for their exceptional customer service, the outstanding quality of their flowers, and their fast and efficient delivery service.

With almost 2,500 reviews, and 96% of them being ‘Excellent’ or ‘Great’, it is safe to say that takes their customers’ satisfaction very seriously.

In this case study, we speak to Garreth Knowd,’s owner, to better understand why the business chose Trustpilot to build consumer trust, and how they leverage their online reviews as part of their marketing strategy. results using Trustpilot reviews

Why joined Trustpilot

Trust has become such an important tool when it comes to acquiring new customers and building customer loyalty. is an online business, and the majority of people purchasing their products are all doing so online and from distant locations. Building trust in these conditions can be challenging, and developing trusted relationships online only isn’t always easy.

Garreth explains:

"Trust is something that needs to be built over time through interactions and engagements done between a customer and an organisation. We live in a digital age where the opinions of all customers can now be shared online so easily, so it was important for us to ensure we build a valuable & trustworthy relationship with our customers, and show all potential ones that our brand is trustworthy, and that we care about our customers’ experiences.”

Since joined Trustpilot, collecting reviews – positive or negative – has been a huge part of the brand's strategy to continue to improve and innovate.

How the brand showcases its customer reviews

Trustpilot is’s core tool for the measurement of customer satisfaction. Indeed, customers who have placed orders on are all emailed for feedback after they’ve received their order.

To showcase their reviews, the team has implemented a Trustpilot widget on their website’s homepage, their product pages, and also throughout the checkout process. Trustpilot reviews homepage

“Along with live feed on our website, we are currently running a 6-month nationwide radio advertising campaign and Trustpilot is featured heavily in it,” explains Garreth.

“Trustpilot branding is also included in marketing materials, digital campaigns and social media platforms. We share at least one review across all of our platforms on a daily basis, and have the Trustpilot Facebook tag installed on our profile page too.” reviews social media reviews social media 2 reviews social media ads

But that’s not all. Both their Marketing and Customer Service departments also use the Trustpilot platform to answer reviews on a daily basis. The teams use Trustpilot reviews to identify any areas of development or issues with service delivery, and personally respond to all reviews that are 3 stars or below.

Listening and responding to negative feedback allows to learn from their mistakes and continue to improve their customer service to meet customers’ expectations.

Garreth explains:

“The opportunity to be able to change the view of a negative experience into a positive one is essential, as we want to be known to offer the best customer service, and don’t want any of our customers thinking they aren’t valued. However, without a platform like Trustpilot, we wouldn’t be able to do this. It’s essential for us to better understand what works and what doesn’t. For example, our reviews have taught us that our customers love the additional extras that we offer, like the video approval on all orders.” customer review

Since using Trustpilot on their website and across all their other channels, they saw a whopping 37% increase in conversions and 22% decrease in bounce rate.

They also observed an incredible 166% increase in product sales and a 162% increase in revenue in their first three months of collecting and using Trustpilot reviews.

“The results from Trustpilot have been outstanding!"
Garreth Knowd
Owner of

Moving forward...

“Our customers have really gained confidence with us as a brand because they can hear from real people about their actual experience using us. Moving forward, we want to make sure that we continue to stand out even more from our competitors, and improve our product & service offering to meet the ever-changing customer needs,” says Garreth.’s vision is largely customer-focused, and continues to be strengthened by listening to their customers. Any business can make huge improvements when actively looking at customer satisfaction, and is proof that reviews really can help you improve the way you’re doing things. It all starts by listening.

If you’re interested in building trust, getting valuable insights, delivering better customer experiences and getting more sales, just like has, why not create a free Trustpilot account? It’s quick and easy, just click the link below.


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