Advanced Data Privacy

Ensure secure data transfer

When data privacy is your top concern, we’ve got a solution for you. (The data privacy package is an add-on to Trustpilot’s Enterprise plan)

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Product illustration of Trustpilot's data privacy package

Did you know?

The Privacy Plan uses military grade encryption - the same used by the US federal government to transfer data across the internet.

Business Generated Links

Encrypt review invitation links

Get Trustpilot reviews without sharing your customer’s personally identifiable information (PII). Business Generated Links let you create the review invitation independent of Trustpilot’s server. That way, your customer’s PII is not shared with Trustpilot until after they agree to our T&C’s and submit their review.

Product illustration of Business generated links sent through Trustpilot with advanced data privacy

Embedded Review forms

Get reviews directly from your site

Collect customer reviews from your own website. Embedded Review forms let customer’s write a review without leaving your site, and are a great way to comply with your company’s privacy policy.

Product illustration of data privacy on an embedded Trustpilot review form

Restricted data access

Share reviews, not data

Put TrustBox widgets on your site to showcase reviews and the trust in your brand, but with the Privacy Plan we disable all tracking so your customer data is not at risk. The Privacy Plan restricts certain integrations and dashboards so you stay true to your company’s data policies.

Product illustration of restricted data access to Trustpilot reviews

How it works

Link icon

1. Generate a unique invitation link on your server

Start the privacy review invitation process by creating an encrypted link on your own server to send to your customers

Send link icon

2. Send the link to your customer

Independent of Trustpilot, you send the link to your customers and share no data with Trustpilot

Writing icon

3. Your customer writes a review

By clicking on the link your customer is directed to a review form for your company. They write a review, agree to the T&C’s, and then submits the review to Trustpilot.

Profile icon

4. The review is posted on your Trustpilot profile

Your customer’s review and the personally identifiable information that they added are stored on Trustpilot’s server.

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