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How to use reviews to boost sales this Black Friday

Wednesday, November 4, 2020
black friday sales leveraging trustpilot reviews

'Low prices' – is this phrase ever more compatible than with the immense Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales?

However, while the promise of low prices is strong, pricing is a delicate balance: too high and no one will buy, too low and everyone will go, as the Harvard Business Review notes.

So while your offers might be good, your customers might think they are too good to be true.

You need something else to assure your customers the deals are real. And your customers themselves might hold all the answers. Here's how customer feedback can increase your conversions, just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Make key pages stand out with customer feedback

Persuasive product descriptions, low prices, or a cool looking site are nothing without assurance you're worth spending money on. For that, customers turn to what other people have experienced.

The thing is this: the average eCommerce conversion rate is pretty depressing at just 1.2%. This means almost all of your website's visitors give up on your customer journey.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Today, 89% of global consumers check online reviews as part of their online buying journey, and 49% of global consumers consider positive reviews one of their top 3 purchase influences.

The majority of your visitors are looking for validation when comparing your products and services.

So use your customer testimonials or online reviews on the places you need them most.

  • Want visitors to know your amazing Black Friday sales is that special? Place reviews on the page where previous customers can vouch for your commitment to quality and low prices.
  • Want visitors to feel reassured the second they find you? Add reviews on your homepage or on key sections of your site so visitors know they've come to the right place.
  • Afraid customers might back out on the checkout page? Sprinkle the page with reviews to give the customer that last little bit of encouragement.
Dusk leverages trustpilot reviews
Dusk uses Trustpilot reviews directly on-site

Dusk uses Trustpilot reviews directly on-site

It's all about leveraging customer advocacy. Do it right, and customer advocacy can increase marketing effectiveness by as much as 54%.

Take time to socialise

Search engines like Google (we'll get to them in a minute) and social media networks like Facebook have become the go-to 'link' between companies and customers.

With more and more customers owning social media profiles, having a solid social presence is more important than ever. Research by Dell found 75% of customers are influenced in their choices by what they find on social media.

So don't just use your social media channels to post pictures of attractive price reductions, witty jokes or company retreats. Instead see your social media presence as an extension of your brand.

  • Get involved – respond to customer comments and feedback, and show there are humans behind the company walls.
  • Profile and promote customer feedback in your social media posts and ads. That quick mention that you're rated highly by your customers will not go unnoticed.
  • Share your customer reviews on your company's social media pages. You can also go one step further and add a customer picture, case study or video to add further credibility.

Ultimately, it's about improving customer service and interaction. One U.S. study found that 66% of customers will pay more to companies who have great customer service, and 71% of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend the brand to their friends and family.

Stand out in Google with Seller Ratings

This year, we observed an 11% decline in trust globally, with only 71% of people admitting they trust consumer brands.

With this trust deficit in mind, your advertising needs to count, right from when people Google you.

With Google Seller Ratings, you're able to include your review ratings in your Google Ads.

This helps to show potential customers that they're right to go to you from the outset.

google seller ratings trustpilot

Use reviews in offline marketing

Even with thriving eCommerce today, offline marketing still packs a punch. After all, word of mouth is still the best sales driver – and with 80% of people trusting reviews as much as personal recommendations, validation from other customers is certainly what puts you ahead of the competition.

Show off social proof when you can to stay top of mind.

  • Add snippets of reviews or your overall star rating on your print ads. It gives reassurance.
  • When packaging a product, why not slip in a flyer or card showing your reputation and asking for feedback at the same time? It shows openness and willingness to improve.
  • Advertising on TV, podcasts, or radio? Mention how trusted you are with a quick line in your script. It personalises your business, and adds a little extra social proof.

Get ready for a sales rush

It's an intense few weeks for retail now, but you can get through it – and in a better position than ever before.

The key to increasing conversions is by injecting as much trust as possible throughout the customer journey. With more sales come more satisfied customers, and more customer feedback to encourage people to shop with you again.

And that's a benefit you'll not only just gain for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but long in the future.


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