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12 days of Trustpilot

Wednesday, December 19, 2018
12 days of Trustpilot Christmas

This month, we celebrated the holiday season with a new fun campaign: 12 Days of Trustpilot!

We ran the campaign on social media, shared a question a day with our customers, and asked them to post back on social channels, using the hashtag #12DaysofTrustpilot.

We received a lot of great entries. But at the end of the campaign, we had to choose 12 winners. It was hard, we disagreed, we voted, and in the end, we finally chose the 12 best answers we’d received.

We enjoyed them so much and thought you might want to read them, too! So here they are…

This holiday season, what’s most important to your customers?

day 1 of Trustpilot

The winner of the first day of Trustpilot is bOnline, one of the UK’s fastest growing B2B providers, offering a full range of business-grade IT infrastructure products and low-cost cloud services. With their amazing customer service, bOnline achieved an amazing 9.1/10 TrustScore from over 2,000 reviews!

We just couldn’t resist their adorable answer (and don’t even get my started on the gif!)

We want to hear your best Grinch story, where you turned a negative review into a positive one.

day 2 of Trustpilot

Miles Car Rental is a US-based car rental company that takes pride in its trustworthy service and incredible rates. Over 1,600 customers rated them 9.1/10 on Trustpilot! So when asked to share their best Grinch story, they obviously delivered.

We love a happy ending. And Robert Downey Jr too!

On the 3rd day of #12DaysofTrustpilot, we’re focusing on the 🎁 of giving back. At Trustpilot, we provide items to those in need. What do you do to give back?

day 3 of Trustpilot

WHYPAY? Is operated by Call Collecting Limited, a leading innovator in the telecoms sector. Since 2007, they’ve been looking forward to provide excellent communication services at low - and sometimes zero - cost to their users. This is clearly reflected in the 9.6/10 TrustScore they’ve achieved so far on Trustpilot!

The business also supports Wonderful Organisation, who allows to create charity fundraising pages and guarantees that 100% of donations reach the fundraisers.

What’s not to like?

Which reviews of your company are getting your team into the holiday spirit ✨?

day 4 of Trustpilot

Meetoo is a real-time polling and moderated discussion platform for the workplace and the classroom. Meetoo believes that live engagement technologies can transform the learning experience and meeting outcomes what people imagine is possible.

For that reason, the business focuses on keeping its customers happy and stress-free, including Gary. We loved the review Meetoo shared with us.

Is your company doing any special holiday ads? If so, we want to see it!

Day 5 of Trustpilot is a car rental company that takes pride in its customer service and incredible Trustpilot rating - over 1,900 customers rated them 9.3/10 on Trustpilot! The business leverages its amazing customer feedback on their ads, too.

This 5-star company wins the 5th day of Christmas!

We want to know who’s your buddy the elf of the office? Ours is always helpful, cheerful, and loves Trustpilot of course!

Day 6 of Trustpilot

Direct Blinds specialises in made to measure blinds. Thanks to their amazing user experience and customer service, they collected over 20,000 reviews and achieved a 9.4/10 TrustScore.

And with 93% of ‘great’ and ‘excellent’ reviews, we believe Emma The Elf and the rest of the team have deserved those festive sweets!

We’re decking the halls in our offices! How are you decorating your office this holiday season?

Day 7 of Trustpilot

Fire Pits Direct wins the 7th Day of Christmas with its imaginative holiday decor. The team has decades of experience and constantly works hard to ensure customers are happy! So this year, they displayed their customers’ feedback in their showroom.

We think it’s a tree-mendous idea!

We want to hear you sing your reviews to the tune of a Christmas carol 🎶🎄

On the 8th day of Christmas, we received so many entries that it made it almost impossible for us to choose a winner. So we picked two.

We strongly encourage you to go listen to their songs...

Day 8 of Trustpilot no1

Miles Car Rental’s brilliant song!

Day 8 of Trustpilot no2

Direct Blind’s enchanting Christmas carol!

Submit your favorite holiday review using our image generator. GO!

Day 9 of Trustpilot

Viajemos wins the 9th day of Christmas thanks to their festive spirit! If you’d like to find out how to use our Trustpilot image generator to share your favourite reviews online, head to our support site!

We’re making a list, and checking it twice! Which customer is on your nice list this year?

Day 10 of Trustpilot

Miles Car Rental picked Spanish travel blogger “Mil y un viajes” to be on their nice list this year after she tweeted and tagged the company on her account:

“What about next time you go to Paris, you just rent a car and take the chance to know new wonderful places, many just as beautiful as the capital city? A lot of secluded locations near Paris are well worth a visit. @Viajemos_com”

Happy Holidays from our team to yours! Submit your holiday card here.

Day 11 of Trustpilot

Oh deer! Where should we start? We absolutely love The Daisy Group’s holiday card.

Thank you for sharing it with us, and Merry Christ-moose to you too!

Tis the season of giving! What are you giving back to your customers this season?

At Trustpilot, we’re not elfish. We love giving back to our customers.

That’s why we believe that Viajemos deserve to win the 12th and last day of Trustpilot. This year, to thank their customers, the company’s giving away free insurance to all passengers!

day 12 of Trustpilot

And it’s a wrap for 2018! We hope you enjoyed hearing from us and reading our content this year.

A massive thank you to all of the businesses who took part in the competition and shared their stories with us!

Happy holidays/merry Christmas and happy New Year to all our readers and customers,

The Trustpilot Team


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