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How AI can help you get a better TrustScore

Monday, July 5, 2021
review insights can lead to a higher TrustScore

Your TrustScore is given to you by your customers. It is an instant validation of your brand, of your product, and of your service.

But the score needs to be earned and maintained, as it is an ever-changing representation of the experience customers have with your brand. And in order to maintain a high-score – one that can encourage new customers to come through - businesses need to be active and build loyal customer relationships that will translate into higher sales and better long-term revenue.

To help businesses achieve success, Trustpilot has built an AI-powered tool that delivers actionable insights from the emotional sentiment of both negative and positive reviews. But AI is just a tool, and businesses are those who need to collect feedback and act on it.

Why your TrustScore matters

A TrustScore is not just an average score of your reviews. To keep it relevant, we include multiple factors which are driven by the influence of the newest customer experience. And it is easy to understand why we calculate it this way - because it is important for customers to know if businesses are actively working on improving their service.

In a recent survey, over 5,900 consumers expressed a unique trust value in Trustpilot’s TrustScore. The more reviews a business has, the more consumers are likely to buy from it. Did you know that 87% of customers said they would not consider buying from 1 or 2-star rated brand?

The surprising finding was the impact of a score change and its correlation to trust. We discovered that by improving a 3-star review and turning it into a 5-star one, the likelihood of consumers buying from that company increased by a staggering 198%! This translates into more sales, more revenue, better customer relationships, and better long-term value for your brand.

how many users would buy from you if your score improved

This, however, can not be achieved by hoping and wishing that customers will start leaving good reviews for no specific reason.

Businesses who manage their reputation and work to improve their TrustScore are usually proactive in their efforts: they constantly engage with their customers, and most importantly, they act on their customers' feedback to try and get better.

How Staysure.co.uk maintains an 'Excellent' TrustScore with over 140,000 reviews

Take the example of Staysure.co.uk, a UK-based insurance company that has collected over 140,000 reviews, most of which from happy customers.

The business chose to start using Trustpilot’s new AI tool - Review Insights - which analyses reviews almost instantly.

Using the insights identified by the AI-powered tool, Staysure.co.uk can now easily understand major customer concerns, and act to solve their issues before they become bigger problems.

Can an AI tool really help improve your TrustScore?

Yes and no.

Yes, because we have built Reviews Insights, an AI-powered sentiment analysis tool that can deliver meaningful insights based on what your customers are saying in their reviews.

No, because the tool delivers reliable data-driven reports, but does not deliver shortcuts for business improvements.

The best, and the only way to improve your business results is to act on customer feedback. If your customers are expressing their negative sentiment with your brand, then you should ask yourself: “Why are my customers having a bad experience and how can I change that?

customer sentiment tool trustpilot

So, what can you learn from Review Insights?

Our sentiment analysis tool can go through every single review and discover major topics for you to analyse. The goal is not necessarily to improve your Trustscore, but to improve your customer experience.

If customers have a good relationship with your brand, they will happily write 5-star reviews, and will therefore influence a positive change in your Trustscore.

But first and foremost, Review Insights is a tool that can help you prioritise actions. How you use the insights will determine the results you’ll get.

  • Review Insights as an early-warning and risk detector. The AI-powered sentiment analysis is done in real-time, which makes it a unique source of information. You should prioritise sudden negative changes to learn what has gone alarmingly wrong. But, it goes both ways. A big positive change means you are doing something great!

  • It can help transform bad reviews into great ones. If you understand why your customers are leaving 3-star reviews, you can easily start improving your customer relationships, and maybe incentivising a positive change towards 5-star reviews. Small changes can deliver great results.

  • Empower your teams with meaningful and data-driven reports. Reports from Review Insights can give your teams unique insights about customer needs, and offer solutions to improve their experience.

  • Team performance monitoring. We have seen customers using Review Insights as a tool for measuring the performance of their Customer Service teams. The sentiment can show customer satisfaction of your customer service, and used with tagging in reviews, can help companies understand which teams need an incentive to perform better, and which teams need training.

  • Validation of a new product or service. Used with tagging, companies can track what customers like or dislike about a new product, and act timely to improve it or respond to customers to manage expectations. If the feedback is positive, customer feedback can give you better ideas on how to make a good product even better.

For customers, there is nothing more powerful and telling than a company’s TrustScore. The score itself is just a result of what businesses are doing in the background to maintain great relationships with their customers - a relationship built on trust, built on feedback, and sometimes helped by an AI.

To sum up...

  • Your TrustScore defines the trust customers have in your brand.

  • It is useful for new customers to recognise you above your competitors.

  • Research with 5,900 consumers suggests that star ratings are really influential.

  • AI can now help businesses increase their TrustScore by using actionable insights to improve their customer relationships.

If you'd like to find out how Review Insights can help your business, why not request a free Trustpilot demo? It's quick and easy, just click the link below.


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