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How Just Mortgage Brokers increased conversions by 57% with reviews

Monday, March 26, 2018
Just Mortgage Brokers case study

For most of us, a mortgage is perhaps the biggest single expense we’ll ever have. Taking it on is a defining moment in our lives.

Just Mortgage Brokers understand how daunting choosing a mortgage can be, and that’s why they offer unparalleled service and expertise in finding the right mortgage for their clients.

And that praise for their professionalism is not just marketing talk; it’s backed up by their excellent online reputation which has increased click-throughs by 2000%, increased conversions by 57%, and transformed them into one of the UK’s leading online mortgage services.

Goals with Trustpilot

  • Build a trusted online reputation

  • Increase click-throughs, conversions, and lower customer acquisition cost

  • Beat competitors

The work & results

Building a reputation

For Just Mortgage Brokers, feedback is necessary to compete in a marketplace where they’re new players. Just Mortgage Brokers were quickly inviting both their past and current customers to review them.

“We’re a young company, so to come out of the blocks with this great reputation really helps us compete with other established competitors,” says Rana.

Just Mortgage Brokers - increase in conversions

And what a reputation it is: a five-star TrustScore and a 9.6 rating.

“We’ve not actually had a bad review yet, buy any minor issues we do get, we address right away in the open,” says Rana.

“We’re actively engaging with customers and this is making us really attractive.”

Increasing conversions and clickthroughs; lowering acquisition costs

To see the impact, the team compared their clickthrough rate, conversions and cost-per-acquisition before and after adding their Trustpilot reputation in marketing materials, Google Ads and PPC campaigns.

The results are incredible.

"We knew there would be some impact, but we could not have predicted this," says Rana.

Just Mortgage Brokers - Increased CTR

“It’s obviously early days, but we’re really happy with it,” says Rana. “We were pleasantly surprised with the level of improvement. It’s good to see our reputation selling for us, in our campaigns and in Google Seller Ratings.”

Just Mortgage Brokers - Drop in CPA

Beating competitors

“Those opinions form your reputation, and you cannot escape that. In fact, it’s really valuable to collect feedback.”

Just Mortgage Broker’s new-found reputation has improved internal processes too.

“Online reviews are massively important for everyone,” says Rana. “We have higher quality leads. We get more business and more money coming in. Overall, it’s improved morale and made us better as a company.”


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