Waterfords: Giving Guaranteed Great Customer Service Thanks to Reviews

Thursday, June 14, 2018
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Buying and selling property is never easy, at least if you’re not sure you can trust your estate agent.

Like many other estate agents, Waterfords wanted to show they can be trusted and that their service is the best out there. It’s not easy in a sector where mistrust is epidemic.

So they joined Trustpilot. Now a few months later, here’s how Waterfords have built a TrustScore they’re proud of - a score which brings in more customers too.

‘Trustpilot is the easiest solution’

Before joining Trustpilot, Waterfords looked into their options regarding customer feedback. Trustpilot stood out though.

“Around 74% of our business comes from recommendations so it’s important to work with an online review community that helps us collect and easily share this feedback,” says marketing manager Sophie Brooks.

“Trustpilot is an independent dedicated review site which imposes strong guidelines, coupled with manual and automated processes to ensure complete trust in online reviews. Genuine reviews written by consumers are published instantly without censoring, and Waterfords has the opportunity to openly reply to them.

“There were a number of software options locally, nationally and internationally when it came to measuring our customer service and customer journey. We found Trustpilot’s platform use friendly and the best in terms of when we come to market our customer service score,” Sophie adds.

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The advantages of Trustpilot

Proving their customer service has been a major benefit of Trustpilot for Waterfords.

“Anybody involved in the service industry will know how important it is to satisfy customers’ needs and wants and ensure that, with the exception of unforeseen circumstances, everything is done to deliver what is promised,” says Sophie.

“After all, providing a bad service is like selling a product that doesn’t work.”

The biggest advantage Waterfords has seen from using Trustpilot is that the team have learned about areas which need improvement. By keeping track of customers’ needs and making adjustments, Waterfords TrustScore has risen from 4.3 stars in April 2016 to 4.9 stars.

“Before using Trustpilot as an honest tool for finding out what the customer really thinks, we would have been unaware of these flaws. We strongly believe Trustpilot has been an invaluable tool that let us recognise a weakness in the system and acting on it quickly, meant we honestly turned our customer service around,” says Sophie.

The future with Trustpilot

Waterfords plan to use Trustpilot more in their social media, their marketing and beyond.

“We want to keep ensuring every buyer and seller has the chance to leave feedback on the service they have received. It means we never miss a customer’s opinion, and everyone has their chance to give honest feedback about Waterfords service.”

Sign up for a free Trustpilot account today, and we'll help you showcase your reputation online. Just click the link below.

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