Airtasker tasked Trustpilot as the marketing engine to help it grow in new regions

Friday, January 19, 2024
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Airtasker is a local services marketplace connecting people needing tasks (Posters) with skilled local workers (Taskers). It’s a platform where one can find help for almost any task, and in turn, it allows individuals to realise the full value of their skills, earning money in the process.

The company established itself as a go-to choice for those seeking skilled workmanship. It has already built a trustworthy reputation in Australia, where the company was founded in 2012.

Recently, Airtasker launched in new cities across the UK and the USA, where it needed to start from scratch and build trust with thousands of new users.

Airtasker partnered with Trustpilot, an open, third-party platform with deep penetration in their target regions, to nurture and promote their reputation in these new markets. 

They leveraged its 4.3 “Excellent” TrustScore and over 7,000 existing reviews in a co-marketing email campaign with Trustpilot to signal trust and give customers the confidence to post their first task. 

“With each new city launch comes a wave of new users who are experiencing using Airtasker for the very first time. To give these new users the confidence to try Airtasker for the very first time, we decided to work with Trustpilot to build trust based on the thousands of positive reviews we’ve received from existing customers, says Douglas Toy, UK & Ireland Country Manager for Airtasker.

After Airtasker included its 4.3 “Excellent” TrustScore in marketing emails directed at US and UK users, the click-through rate (CTR) was 15% higher than average emails without Trustpilot content. 

Since launching in 2012, Airtasker has provided an online and mobile marketplace connecting Posters who need tasks done with local Taskers who have the time, skills, and equipment to do them. 

From simple and familiar tasks such as handyman work, gardening, or furniture assembly to more complex or interesting tasks, like recruiting a mystery shopper or rescuing a drone from a tree.

Airtasker’s open marketplace emphasises transparency and accountability, parallel to Trustpilot’s mission of becoming the universal symbol of trust. Thus, the team at Airtasker soon realised that the more public reviews they had written on Trustpilot, the more confidence new users would have in trying out Airtasker and posting their first task. 

“As more and more users research the reputation of Airtasker’s brand online before posting their first task, ensuring that our Trustpilot score was representative of the quality of the Airtasker experience was imperative.”
Douglas Toy
UK & Ireland Country Manager, Airtasker

Creative co-marketing 

As part of its customer onboarding for Posters, Airtasker includes Trustpilot reviews in Poster emails to highlight its excellent Trustpilot score and some of its 5-star reviews. Airtasker also displays this rating on its logged-in homepage for Posters and has found regular showcasing can be fundamental to Poster retention and ongoing product adoption.

Having seen a 15% increase in click-through rate from incorporating Trustpilot in their email marketing, Airtasker identified out-of-home marketing campaigns to leverage their review content and TrustScore. 

As a symbol of trust in their target markets, Airtasker knows that Trustpilot is a crucial partner in their journey to build awareness and establish trust with new customers. 

“We secured a media partnership with Channel 4, one of the UK’s largest TV stations, and we are considering promoting our Trustpilot score on the end frame of our hero TVC. As the TV ad will be seen by such a large audience of new users, having our Trustpilot score front and center may significantly impact our new user conversion,” maintains Douglas. 

Easy-to-use integrations

Airtasker uses Braze, a cloud-based software, as its CRM (customer relationship management) tool. Luckily, Trustpilot offers a Braze integration, so Airtasker could utilise this to request reviews automatically from users who completed a task. 

“By integrating in this way, the reviews we collect are “verified” meaning that they can be attributed back to a specific task and also can be shown alongside our Google search results,” notes Douglas Toy. 

Airtasker’s internal design team also created a bespoke Braze content card to both display the Trustpilot score and maintain its brand identity. Braze content cards are a valuable tool for e-commerce marketing due to their ability to deliver engaging and personalized content directly to app users.

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Steps to follow

Especially today, trust matters in every industry. Companies that put in the time and effort to earn a great reputation with their customers owe it to themselves (and future customers) to make that trustworthiness visible. 

If that sounds like you — give us a call. Trustpilot can help you improve on-page metrics, click-through rates, conversion rates, social engagement and more in a matter of weeks.

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