Q&A: How Slater and Gordon beat the legal competition with reviews

Friday, June 15, 2018
Slater Global

A Trustpilot customer since 2012, Slater and Gordon Lawyers are one of the UK’s largest law firms with Solicitors in locations across England, Scotland and Wales.

Their goal is to deliver exceptional, affordable legal services in personal, employment and business affairs. Specialising in employment, family, property and criminal law comes with it’s challenges though - one of those being building trust with potential clients.

“We have seen that in our research users recognise Trustpilot as a trusted brand which has given them added reassurance that they are choosing the right solicitors for them,” says Chris Stevenson, Digital Marketing Manager with Slater and Gordon.

We sat down with Chris to see how their Trustpilot journey has unfolded.

Why Trustpilot?

“After looking at all the different solutions on the market to collect client feedback we chose Trustpilot as it enabled us to easily utilise this as a feedback channel but to also support all our marketing objectives.

“If you are trying to find legal help this can be a minefield for most people as it is something which they are not entirely familiar with. It helps to know that others who have been in their situation have had a positive experience.

“We’ve tripled in size since 2012 but want to keep growing. We’d seen the benefits from other companies collecting customer feedback and saw the need to build trust. Trustpilot was just the best option.”

How was it getting started with Trustpilot?

“Trustpilot was very easy to implement and has a really intuitive dashboard to collect insights and respond to feedback. The added benefits are that you have a library of features to better optimise your website and aid conversions.”

What’s been learned so far with Trustpilot?

“We saw a significant uplift in our click-through with the search engine results once we had correctly set up the badges. We have utilised this throughout the site and more recently after seeing the benefits had a real push in the last 12 months.

“We have seen that in our research users recognise Trustpilot as a trusted brand which has given them added reassurance that they are choosing the right solicitors for them.”

How do you deal with negative feedback?

“It is also helpful to show that in the rare instances that issues have arisen that we have responded and, also in most cases, solved their issue in a transparent way.

“The support which has been given has also meant that if there were any issues we have been able to call on the team to provide some insight and solutions should they be needed.”

How does your business plan to use Trustpilot going forward?

“Having integrated this into the workflows within the firm we are looking to better utilise this even further through user testing and research to help better promote the services which we offer.

“We plan to do various tests on the website to ensure that the placement and style of display is correct to further push the conversion and reassurance for users. There is also a lot of scope for offline integration.”

If you too want to start showcasing your company's reputation online, click the link below.


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