How Trustpilot helped Hippo CMMS improve their digital marketing performance

Thursday, March 22, 2018

In this guest post, Reena Sommer from Hippo CMMS explains how this leading maintenance management company has found success with customer review and Trustpilot.

Hippo CMM Key Stats

How Hippo CMMS approached reviews

Having a valuable, cost effective, and sustainable product is simply not enough for a company’s success in a competitive and often over-saturated online environment. Being ranked, noticed, and perceived as credible are essential qualities for businesses that rely on an online platform as its primary mode of exposure. One of the avenues available to online businesses in reaching prospective customers is utilizing third-party review platforms. These websites provide an objective outlet for current customers to provide feedback on products and services they purchased.

Seeing the benefits reviews and reputation provide, Hippo CMMS set out to secure independent third-party reviews. Because the purchase decision between Hippo and a customer is done remotely, reviews offer credibility and a way to better engage leads. Leveraging a review platform is one way Hippo CMMS has successfully positioned itself online and it has also led to better business insights, allowing Hippo CMMS to improve its software to better meet customer needs and expectations.

Hippo CMMS services businesses with its computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) across a broad spectrum of industries. The application empowers facilities and maintenance professionals with tools to manage work orders, preventative maintenance, facilities equipment, inventory, and more. Attracting only 40 clients in its first year of operation, Hippo CMMS now has over 800 organizations that utilize its cloud-based CMMS system.

How reviews led to success

Contributing to Hippo CMMS’ rapid growth and success is its ability to generate independent reviews on review websites like; and while doing so, it also improves its overall marketing strategy. Apart from being a tool for Hippo to generate reviews, Trustpilot allows Hippo to automate its review invitations and reminders while providing real-time review notifications. This makes it possible for the Hippo’s Trustpilot account admin to respond to reviews immediately and engage in dialogue with the reviewer. This is a huge step toward building one-on-one relationships and it is also an opportunity to show other site visitors how Hippo is setting themselves apart from its competitors.

While the exposure offered to prospective customers through positive reviews is a welcome benefit, the reviews also give Hippo CMMS an opportunity to learn in real time what their customers are thinking about its product and services. Reviews pinpoint what the company is doing right and what it needs to improve upon. Whether positive or negative, the reviews present an opportunity to ensure that their products and services are meeting customer expectations. Since product development is based on an ever-changing evolution of client demands and industry changes, having access to customer feedback is crucial. For example, in recent years, the increase in mobile devices has led Hippo CMMS to create a mobile app as well as integrate photo access into its platform. Hippo was able to also identify that while their support and onboarding received high praise, their latest version release cause some difficulty with their users. Thanks to reviews, Hippo was able to add clarity and documentation, helping their users through the new release in a timely manner.

How reviews improved Hippo CMMS’ digital marketing performance

Using Trustpilot lead Hippo CMMS to receiving more traffic, which in turn, lead to more business for Hippo CMMS. With help from Trustpilot, the Hippo website stands out more compared to companies that haven’t collected as many reviews.

Since implementing Trustpilot, Hippo CMMS has also observed that the time visitors spend on its website has increased to an average session length of two minutes because they are looking at reviews.

Moreover, Hippo’s contact conversion rate has also increased for both organic and referral traffic. It is now over five percent which is above the two percent industry standard. Additionally, the number of new leads generated by Hippo CMMS has increased 44% compared to last month, with form submissions through Click Through Ads (CTAs) and landing pages up by 92%. Finally, Hippo has increased its customer reviews on Trustpilot by embedding the call to action on its customer success team’s signature and through Trustpilot’s automated tool inviting contacts to submit reviews.

In the near future, Hippo will be looking to integrate reviews into its social media strategy and also test reviews in online content like upcoming eBooks and white papers. By utilizing Trustpilot to assist with its online marketing and product improvement and delivery, the results have contributed to Hippo CMMS’ continued growth and ongoing development. Experience has shown that being a Trustpilot client has provided benefits for Hippo that far exceed generating reviews alone.

Reena Sommer originally hails from Winnipeg, Manitoba and currently resides in the Houston, Texas area. In 1994, she graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Ph.D. in Psychology, Sociology and Family Studies. Now retired, Dr. Sommer spends her time traveling, visiting her Winnipeg family and providing content writing for Hippo CMMS.

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