Krossover's reviews boost retargeting CTR by 45%

Monday, March 26, 2018 reviews case study

Video analysis is an important part of coaching high school and college sports teams, a responsibility that often requires breaking down game footage to provide insight. For many coaches, it's a time-consuming process that has become widely accepted as “part of the job.”

Krossover provides this much needed service with sophisticated data analytics technology for sports teams. Coaches simply submit gamefilm and Krossover breaks it down, evaluating performance factors such as possession time, game and player efficiency ratings, and game pace. The company has replaced an inefficient process with a tech-savvy one, giving coaches better insights and more time to improve their team’s game. In fact, Krossover has found they save coaches an average of 4 hours and 43 minutes a week.

Sound too good to be true? That’s the primary objection Krossover faces, along with the price tag. Sports communities are tight-knit, and coaches are often sold on products through word of mouth. How could Krossover prove the value of their service was worth the cost?


Use reviews to back up their brand, validating their service to new prospects and helping retain clients season after season.

Work and Results

Step 1: Build reputation

To affirm their status as a dependable, quality service, Krossover partnered with Trustpilot in March of 2015 to start collecting reviews from coaches after each sports season. Krossover now has 67 reviews and earned a Trustscore of 8.9. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with nearly 95% of the reviews being 4 or 5 stars.

Matt Talmage, Director of Marketing, sees huge value in having these reviews on their business profile page. Previously, sales reps would save positive reviews in their inboxes, but they were hard to access and lacked validity. Matt believes

“when it’s not readily available or collected through a third-party like Trustpilot, it’s not that powerful since nobody can see it.”

Step 2: Leverage reputation in organic search

When Krossover focused on improving their organic search results, they realized that their Trustpilot page, rich with content, was ranking well in branded search queries.

When prospects researching Krossover land on their Trustpilot page, they find customer review content that is both relevant and positive, increasing confidence in their brand.

When searching the branded term: Krossover + Reviews, Krossover’s Trustpilot page ranks first.

Krossover reviews - Google search results

Step 3: Improve ROI from retargeting

Krossover sells to such a specific market, that if they’re able to draw someone to their website, whether by branded or non-branded search terms, they know they’ve tapped their target audience.

To market directly to these types of high quality prospects that have yet to convert on their site, Krossover uses retargeting. But they were looking for a way to optimize their retargeting campaigns so that more people felt compelled to click and request a demo. Krossover A/B tested two of their top-performing ads in their digital campaign over a thirty day period, one featuring a customer review, and one without.

The ad including the Trustpilot review resulted in a 45% higher click-through-rate than the ad without, reaffirming Krossover’s belief that coaches prefer to work with businesses who have verified, positive feedback from existing customers. This improvement in click-through-rate led to increased revenue, paying for half of their annual cost of Trustpilot in just one month.

Krossover ad

Step 4: Use reviews to boost sales

The number one question sales reps at Krossover get: “Who else in my area is using you guys?”

Krossover utilized Trustpilot’s tagging tool to tag each review that comes in by sport, location, and whether it’s a college or high school team, so they can answer that question.

Krossover Trustpilot review

When selling to a New York high school basketball coach, the sales rep can reference a review left by another NY basketball coach. With the competition’s recommendation, Krossover makes a compelling argument for their service.

Step 5: Improve retention

Renewals are critical for most SaaS companies, especially ones like Krossover that focus heavily on acquiring new business. For companies that invest heavily in acquiring each new customer, there’s too much at stake to lose them.

To strengthen their renewal process, and ensure coaches partner with them for the long term, Krossover feeds Trustpilot reviews and TrustScore into their CRM. This way, Account Managers can view client feedback quickly and easily. From there, the retention team is able to identify unhappy customers so they can turn the relationship around before it’s too late. Additionally, Account Managers can tailor their initial approach to renewing contracts based on the customer’s satisfaction level and specific feedback.

CRM used by Krossover

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