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Grow and show the trust in your brand

Show and tell the story of your customers' experience and turn their feedback into real business results.

Trustpilot Reviews | Grow and show the trust in your brand

Did you know?

Verified reviews from Trustpilot count toward your Google Seller Rating.

Company profile page

Let your reputation shine

Showcase the trust people have in your brand with a Trustpilot Profile Page. Trustpilot profiles typically appear as one of the top search results for your brand, and as an independent review site, they stand out as trustworthy in the eyes of your future customers.

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Review invitations

The simple way to get more reviews

Automated review invitation emails make it easy for your customers to leave feedback, and a friendly reminder email gets you even more reviews. With Trustpilot, you'll get reviews from your otherwise silent customers, and more reviews leads to more business.

Trustpilot Automatic Invitation Settings - Planthus

TrustBox Widgets

Your customers' words are powerful - use them wisely

Increase conversions and sales by displaying Trustpilot reviews on your website with TrustBox widgets. With a cut and paste of code, you can share Trustpilot reviews on your site, email signatures, newsletters or anywhere your customers are looking.

TrustBox widgets have helped companies increase conversions by as much as 130%.

Example of A Trustpilot Review

Dashboards, Analytics and Insights

See your brand from your customers' point-of-view

Are customers happier today than yesterday? How many people see your reviews? Are sales increasing from this feedback? Trustpilot Analytics make it simple to track your performance at a glance, or to dig into the data and get real-time insights on how you're doing.

Trustpilot Insights feature

Additional features

Google Seller Ratings

As an official Google Review Partner, verified Trustpilot reviews count toward your Google Seller Rating and Bing Merchant Reviews. Seller Ratings put stars on your ads that draw peoples' attention and increase click-through.

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Social sharing

Share great reviews on every social network. Trustpilot's Image Generator turns your best reviews into attention grabbing images that stand out on social media.

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Widget split testing

Want to know how Trustpilot is influencing sales? The TrustBox Optimizer A/B testing tools let you see how your pages perform both with and without Trustpilot reviews.

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How it works

Invite customers icon

1. Get Reviews

You'll have 90 days from first use to upload a CSV of your recent orders to Trustpilot and send email invitations in bulk to kickstart your profile. Then save time by automatically triggering the review invitation email to all future customers.

Get seen icon

2. Get Seen

Earn Google Seller Ratings on your adwords, review stars in organic search, and share your reviews on social to make your brand stand out.

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3. Get Sold

Add Trustpilot widgets to your website and advertising to build customer confidence and increase sales.

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4. Get Better

Engage with your customers and analyze their feedback to find new ways to improve your business.

Dashlane Logo

Dashlane uses Trustpilot to get seen, get sold, and get better. See how they achieved a 93% lift in click-through-rates, and 14.5% increase in conversions.

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Example of a Trustbox widget
TrustBox WidgetsTrustBox Widgets

Display Trustpilot reviews on your site with TrustBox widgets. With a cut and paste of code, you can increase conversion and sales by sharing Trustpilot reviews on your site, email signatures, and newsletters.

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