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Social Proof
Why any eCommerce business can take advantage of micro influencer Marketing
One of the quickest ways to promote your website is influencer marketing. This is where you leverage related brands that already have followers to promote your products for you. Unlike the old way of promotion that requires you to acquire backlinks for your website, influencer marketing is about getting the trust of your target market so that they buy from you. Because of this, influencer marketing turns out to be more effective because it uses the trust that the influencer has already built for you. However, when people talk about influencer marketing, they usually talk about big influencers with millions of followers. While getting these people to promote you may seem ideal, it is not the easiest thing to do. In worse cases, you’ll find that these influencers will ask for a hefty amount with just one promotion. This is good if you have a budget for it. But if you are a small ecommerce website owner, you may want to promote to micro influencers instead.
Social Proof
Announcing: Ambassador Integration for Trustpilot
Recommendations, referrals, reviews: they just make sense together, and not just because they’re close in the dictionary. No, much more importantly than being alliterative, they’re all forms of social proof and word-of-mouth marketing. And that’s what makes us thrilled to announce a new integration and partnership with Ambassador, the world's #1 all-in-one referral software. [Ambassador]( offers solutions for referral, influencer, affiliate, and partner marketing.
Social Proof
4 Great examples of user-generated content
User-generated content is one of today’s best marketing tools to boost consumer confidence and build trust earlier in the funnel. User-generated content helps consumers buy a product or subscribe to a service they will most likely enjoy based on the “wisdom of the crowd”. The degree to which user-generated content affects customers can be a result of the number of people promoting the business or product. The more, the merrier. User-generated content describes marketing through any of the following forms of content: testimonials, reviews, videos, photos, discussions, blogs and more - all created by existing customers, and publicly available to other consumers. Recent research shows that UGC is considered to be [50%]( more trustworthy than traditional marketing. No wonder savvy companies such as Daniel Wellington, Lululemon or GoPro have already started encouraging the creation and promotion of social proof through user-generated content on their marketing channels. If you’re not leveraging UGC as much as you'd like, keep on reading…
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