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About Iconography

If you're looking for a successful, proven, expert, dedicated and friendly team to take your eCommerce business forward, look no further. We produce work which looks great, works smoothly and delivers results. Our team is made up of designers, developers and project managers - we work hard for our clients and for each other. We pull together to provide a real agency experience for people who choose us to help take their online business forward.

In 1997 we became a limited company, which is a lifetime ago in internet terms. We still work with many clients from the early days and have enjoyed helping some of them evolve into serious international eCommerce operations. Suffice to say that these days Iconography offers new and existing clients an experienced, proven and bang up to date website design and development service. We blend high quality website design with some of the best web programming experience in the market and provide our clients with websites which look spot on and work like a dream.

There are a lot of happy noises coming from the office here. We’ve just touched the surface of exploring stuff, but so far, very good. Designs look as expected, functionality is looking great! Please pass on my thanks and compliments to the entire team at Iconography.
Sam, Head of Marketing @ Loom Loft


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