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About Roswell NYC

Roswell is a full service eCommerce agency, Shopify Plus Partner and Klaviyo Platinum Partner. With a roster of over 75 merchants having a combined annual gross merchandise value (GMV) of a quarter of a billion USD, we focus on one singular goal: growth. As experts in both DTC and B2B merchants, our suite of services include Creative, Tech Solutions, and Growth Marketing. Understanding that headless commerce, internationalization (I18N) and localization (L10N) are the future, Roswell has invested heavily in tooling our agency to provide best in class solutions that address these critical new frontiers in eCommerce - as the future is now.

As thought leaders and enthusiasts for the best practices across the spectrum of the eCommerce industry, our best in class UIUX Design, Custom Development & Systems Integrations, Customer Retention / Email & SMS Strategies, Conversion Rate Optimization Services, Advanced Analytics, SEO and Paid Media focus on the most important KPIs for our merchants and deliver measurable results : Lifetime Value (LTV), Average Order Value (AOV), Frequency of Purchase, Conversion Rate and of course Revenue.

Our brands range from beauty (,, to Fashion (Greats,,, to Luxury / Jewelry (,, and CPG & Home Goods (,,,

As one of the world's top Shopify Plus Partners, we only work with brands we know we can help - brands that are ready to migrate to Shopify & Shopify Plus and take their businesses to the next level. That's why we say at Roswell that "We are in the business of building businesses." Let's build yours.