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Send automated review invitations with Dotdigital and showcase Trustpilot content in emails to drive conversions.

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Collect Reviews, Showcase Reviews

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About Dotdigital

Dotdigital is a leading cross-channel marketing automation technology that allows users to engage customers across all touchpoints, using automated messaging across email, SMS, social and more.

Dotdigital and Trustpilot

Capture more high-quality reviews by creating, automating and sending fully customized Trustpilot product and service review invites using Dotdigital. New Trustpilot product reviews can then be synced as insight data against your Dotdigital contacts, helping create customer segments for targeting with personalized program journeys in Dotdigital for driving further engagement.

Use the Trustpilot 'App block’ in Dotdigital’s EasyEditor to drag-and-drop Trustpilot product review showcases into your email campaigns, forms and other content, letting you target audiences with impactful user generated content based on their shopping behavior to help convert more business.


Easily set up automated Trustpilot review requests to be sent out at a chosen time
Select which type of review you're asking for the customer to provide
Your customers can then submit Trustpilot reviews that contribute to your TrustScore

Use cases

  • Create powerful customized Trustpilot product and service review invites

    Build a cohesive brand experience by creating and sending customers fully-customized Trustpilot product and service review requests - all within Dotdigital. See your invitation efforts come to fruition as you capture more high-quality reviews while simultaneously boosting your Trustpilot TrustScore.

  • Use Trustpilot product reviews to segment your customers

    Build simple and complex segments in Dotdigital based on Trustpilot product review data, helping you target the right audience at the right time. Convert your audiences into customers with impactful Trustpilot product review showcases no matter where they are in your customer journey.

  • Use automation to streamline the post-review experience

    Automatically enroll contacts who leave a Trustpilot product review into automated programs in Dotdigital, ensuring your customers remain engaged beyond the initial point of purchase.