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Use Emarsys to seamlessly send Trustpilot product and service review invitations to your customers, capturing more reviews and growing your brand’s reputation.

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About Emarsys

Emarsys empowers marketers around the world to create truly personalized omnichannel experiences for their customers whilst delivering key business outcomes.

Emarsys and Trustpilot

Never miss an opportunity to collect valuable customer feedback, whether post-purchase or after a customer completes a relevant action. With Emarsys you can develop an automated review collection strategy that works best for you and your customers. 

Capture more reviews by creating triggers and events in Emarsys to automatically send your customers a Trustpilot product and/or service review invitation, helping you grow your brand’s positive reputation. For customers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria can use this in conjunction with Emarsys’ double opt-in feature to keep your invitations DSK compliant

New reviews are automatically imported into Emarsys, with the star rating of the service review, or the item IDs and timestamp of the product review added to your Emarsys contact database for further use.

Use cases

  • Automate Trustpilot product and/or service reviews using Emarsys

    Stay on top of your customer's mind post-purchase by using Emarsys to automate your Trustpilot product and/or service review invitations. Asking for reviews means more reviews, businesses that use automation gather feedback from more customers overall, including those who’ve had positive experiences — resulting in star ratings 15% higher, and 105% more reviews than those who don’t.

  • Import and add Trustpilot product and service review data to your Emarsys contacts

    Your service review’s star rating, or product review’s item IDs and timestamp are automatically imported and added against your contacts in Emarsys, allowing you to track and refer to this information to make future engagements more personalized and impactful.