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Display Trustpilot product reviews on product listings and recommend products based on their ratings

About Klevu

Klevu helps connect people to products they want to buy. Klevu’s discovery suite includes eCommerce personalization, AI and NLP-powered on-site Smart Search, Smart Category Merchandizing and Smart Recommendations, powered by real-time buyer intent. Klevu discovery technology balances AI automation and strategic control, is quick and easy to install and is compatible with all eCommerce platforms. Klevu powers thousands of eCommerce businesses worldwide and has offices in the UK, US, Sweden, Finland, Australia and India.

Klevu and Trustpilot

The Klevu and Trustpilot integration empowers automatic, customer-driven merchandising by not only showing Trustpilot ratings on product listings and product recommendations, but also training the Klevu AI to use Trustpilot ratings as a reason to boost or demote products on a listing page.

Use cases

  • Use Trustpilot rating data with Klevu’s AI and Machine Learning

    Use the Trustpilot product rating data (Rating and Review Count) in Klevu’s AI and Machine Learning to boost scores and promote top-rated products.

  • Collect and show Trustpilot product ratings

    Use product ratings from Trustpilot and subsequently show them on product cards on Klevu’s Smart Search, Category and Recommendations.

  • Filter products based on Trustpilot ratings

    Use Trustpilot rating data to show a rating filter/facet in the search and on landing pages.