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Automate Trustpilot service review invitations using multi-platform triggers and ingest new reviews in Medallia for powerful analysis.

Reputation Management
Collect Reviews, Learn from Reviews

Developed by: Medallia

About Medallia

Medallia is a customer experience platform that helps businesses make every customer experience great by empowering employees with real-time customer data, insight and tools with the Medallia Experience Cloud™.

Medallia and Trustpilot

Build a customer feedback loop that turns your customers into your biggest advocates. Capture Trustpilot reviews at the right time and place with Medallia's multi-platform triggers. Add automatic review invitation triggers to your review strategy, then sit back and watch the reviews flood in. More reviews mean the richer the data Medallia has to analyze. Medallia's advanced analytic tools spot patterns and trends in your review data, so you can address problems before they become issues.

To set up this integration, speak with your Customer Success Manager at Medallia

Use cases

  • Automate your Trustpilot service reviews with Medallia's multi-platform triggers

    Optimize your review invitation strategy with Medallia's multi-platform triggers. Add automated feedback prompts timed at the right moment and see an influx in reviews. Collect more high quality reviews with automated invitations. Businesses that use them gather feedback from more customers overall, including those who’ve had positive experiences — resulting in star ratings 15% higher, and 105% more reviews than those who don’t.

  • Feed your Trustpilot service reviews into Medallia for analysis

    Use real-time customer insights to make your customer conversations more meaningful. With the help of Medallia’s powerful analytic tools you can identify trends and uncover key insights in your Trustpilot service reviews and other customer feedback. Transform these insights into actionable outcomes and tackle any issue head-on.

  • Send Trustpilot Service review invites from Medallia

    Generate service review invitation links within Medallia to send out to your customers via a direct review invite by email or after they complete a Medallia survey, helping you capture customer sentiment and inform future engagement after every purchase.