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Feature Trustpilot reviews alongside rights-managed customer-generated images and videos.

Showcase Reviews

Developed by: Miappi

About Miappi

Our feature-rich, easy-to-use platform helps you save time by curating content at scale across your marketing channels so you can incorporate UGC into your marketing campaigns and keep up with new content needs while reducing media spend. Gain a competitive edge by connecting your brand with your audience and superfans to build an authentic community.

Miappi and Trustpilot

Miappi faciliates the collection, curation, digital-rights and publication of user-generated content for use on every marketing channel. With Miappi's integration for Trustpilot, businesses can find and license great user-generated images and video on social media, and invite those content creators to write a new Trustpilot review to match. The review is paired with the image, and is available in Miappi to publish to websites, live events, store-screens, social media and other marketing channels.