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Seamlessly integrate one of your most used tools with Trustpilot, allowing your reviews to facilitate enhanced performance across your tech ecosystem.

Collect Reviews, Learn from Reviews, Respond to Reviews

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About Salesforce

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Salesforce and Trustpilot

Trustpilot for Salesforce seamlessly integrates review management. Connect with more customers by sending review invitations automatically, uncovering consumer insights through Salesforce reporting, and increasing marketing performance and conversions.

  • Automatically trigger product and service reviews invitations at pivotal points in the customer journey.
  • Reply to reviews within Salesforce and your responses will appear on the Trustpilot review publicly.
  • Increase campaign effectiveness by pushing review content to any Salesforce application — like using review tags or star rating to build reports or target segments.
  • Pull reviews into any Salesforce connected marketing tool, allowing you to incorporate UGC proven to convert.
  • Build reports and filter your audiences based on tags or review data to identify your most loyal customers and gain a holistic understanding of what keeps them coming back.


Trigger review invitations to customers off of order or opportunity status.
Respond directly to reviews within Salesforce, and responses will appear on Trustpilot.
Build reports and filter your audiences based on tags or review data.

Use cases

  • Connect with your customers at scale

    Use Salesforce to automatically send review invitations to customers that uses your service—with direct access to reply right in your Salesforce dashboard.

  • Track and optimize performance

    Gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ experience and create custom reports combining your review data, ratings, and other key attributes.

  • Fuel performance with reviews

    Amplify your marketing strategy with the voice of your customers and deliver personalized experiences at every stage of your sales and marketing funnel.