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How to boost your SEO with Trustpilot's Product Review TrustBox

Friday, June 4, 2021
How to boost your SEO with Trustpilot's Product Review TrustBox

Trustpilot’s Product Review TrustBox can push you up the search engine rankings and help you earn Review Snippets to gain visibility on search.

No waiting around for months. No complex coding. The best solutions are often the simplest solutions.

The benefits of Product Reviews are just a few clicks away. Copying and pasting a code onto your site has never been this easy before.

So, how does the Product Review TrustBox work?

Product review trustbox example

The first step to improve your SEO performance with Product Reviews is to add your Product Reviews TrustBox's schema markup (a simple code) to the applicable product page(s) of your website.

You can find out more about implementing the code here.

From there, your Product Reviews will be indexed directly on your product pages, and displayed in the Product TrustBox. Within the next 30 days, Google should start noticing the fresh content on your site and begin indexing it. The high frequency of keyword-rich content in your Product Reviews will show Google that you are an authoritative website.

Google loves fresh, relevant content like this. That's why your product reviews can help::

  • Boost your overall SEO performance

  • Generate Review Snippets for your products in Google search

  • Increase your keyword reach

  • Increase your visibility and help you stand out from your competitors.'s product pages show up as rich snippet results in organic search's product pages show up as rich snippet results in organic search

The benefits of collecting Product Reviews

Royal mail product reviews trustbox

But for all of this to work, you'll need to start collecting Product Reviews.

It’s simple to start using them alongside your service reviews. Product reviews can help you:

  • Create social proof to increase conversions

  • Learn what customers truly think of your products

  • Make customer-centric improvements to your products

  • Add trust signals at key points of the buying journey.

I already have my own product reviews – what can I do to boost my SEO performance?

If you're collecting your own Product Reviews, or collecting them via another review platform, you can import your existing Product Reviews to Trustpilot.

The Product Reviews TrustBox will display your old Product Reviews as well as your new ones, collected using Trustpilot. You can gain SEO benefits and Review Snippets from both.

Product review TrustBox on-site

So if you aren’t seeing any SEO benefits from your current review platform, you might want to look into the importance of collecting reviews via a Google Review partner.

If you'd like to find out more about transferring to Trustpilot to boost your SEO performance, or starting your Product Review collection on our platform, you can request a free demo here.

Alternatively, if you'd like to try our platform for free before you speak to any of our review experts, why not sign up for a free Trustpilot account below? It's quick and easy.


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