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Why Trustpilot could be the right review platform for your business

Monday, April 4, 2022
the importance of an open review platform

Finding the right customer review software isn’t easy, but we’re here to show you what to look for in a customer review software.

A recent survey found that 44% of consumers looking to buy a product or service go to user-generated sites such as Trustpilot when evaluating the ethical stance of a brand.

Depending on your company challenges, Trustpilot could be the right one for you. Not sure what to look for?

We've got you covered.

What to look for in a customer review platform

Various kinds of customer review platforms have different benefits, pros, and cons. Before you start your search for the right review solution for your company, you need to ask yourself what your company needs are first.

Why do you need a customer review software?

At Trustpilot, we’ve helped companies collect and manage their reviews for a multitude of reasons and we always find a way to solve their problems. Some of the most common challenges we’ve come across include companies wanting:

  • To improve (or build) their brand's reputation

  • A way to obtain customer feedback

  • To engage with customers directly

  • A way to improve their business in a customer-centric way

  • To improve their SEO, marketing, conversion, or sales

  • A way to improve their brand perception

  • To leverage user-generated content in their marketing

If you’re the kind of company that wants to improve your marketing, connect with customers, build a reputation, and better your business, then it’s time to look for a review platform.

Important qualities to look for

Once you’ve figured out how a customer review software will help your business, you’re ready to shop around. Here are some important questions to ask:

1. Is the platform a Google Review partner?

If not, then you can’t get Google Seller Ratings, those yellow stars that show up on your AdWord campaigns.

Arc'teryx Google Seller Ratings examples

Google Seller Ratings show up on Arc'teryx's Google Ads

These Google Seller Ratings can increase click-through-rates on ads by up to 10%, on average. Without them, you’re missing out on valuable traffic and potential sales.

2. Does the company offer an open platform for reviews?

Companies with open platforms allow any customer to leave a review for any company. Review companies with closed platforms only allow customers to leave a review when invited. There are two issues with this:

  • A closed platform offers transparency issues and won’t give customers an accurate picture of a company’s reputation. So, if you’re having reputation and trust issues, a closed platform won’t help.

  • With a closed platform, consumers won’t be able to find you or your reviews as they research your company and your products. An open platform increases your discoverability.

3. How easy is it to collect reviews?

Collecting reviews can be an arduous task. If the review solution you have an eye on doesn’t make it any easier, move on.

The right software should allow you to automate the review collection process and the collection method should fit within your existing business process.

4. Does the software allow you to display your reviews on multiple channels?

What’s the point of collecting reviews and getting a great reputation if you can’t tell the world?

The right customer review software should let you easily display your reviews on social media, your website, your emails, and even on your offline marketing.

5. What integrations does the software provide?

The right customer review software should make your job easier, not harder.
Find the software that hooks up with your eCommerce platforms, your preferred social media sites, and more.

6. Do your reviews show up as schema markup?

Schema markup is a technical language that websites can use to directly communicate to Google for improved SEO. Product Reviews displayed as schema markup can also lead to Review Snippet Stars, which are yellow stars that show up on organic search results, often resulting in higher search traffic.

LensDirect rich snippets SERP

Review snippet stars on LensDirect’s google search result led to a 45% click-through rate increase

6. Can you respond to your reviews?

Did you know that 44.2% of consumer say that a brand ignoring customer feedback would make them less likely to buy a product or service?

Having the opportunity to respond to your customers in real time provides major advantages for your company. You’ll be able to resolve any potential customer issues as soon as they occur. And by engaging with your customers publicly, other shoppers who are doing their research will see that you’re committed to your customers, giving you a leg up on the competition.

Why Trustpilot could be the right review platform for you

"Trustpilot has been an absolute game changer for our business since we began using the software several years ago. Not only has it solidified our online reputation, which is crucial in the jewelry business, its vast framework of advanced tools and features has allowed our star ratings to be featured in our organic search results as well. This has resulted in improved search visibility and conversion rates across our site, leading to tremendous sales growth for our business. Gaining insight from our customers has been tremendously valuable in allowing us to constantly improve our online shopping platform.”
Leon Rbibo
President, The Pearl Source

Let’s make your search easy. Trustpilot might be the customer review software you’re looking for. Here are just some of our benefits:

  • We’re a licensed Google Review Partner

  • We’re an open review platform with over 144 million written reviews of 626,000+ websites

  • We have various methods of review collection processes, allowing you to automate review emails and reminders in a way that fits your business.

  • Our TrustBox widgets come in a variety of sizes and options (and are customizable) for you to easily display on all your digital marketing channels - no coding necessary!

  • Our software gives you the freedom to respond to reviews, easily display reviews on all social media platforms, and has integrations with all the major eCommerce platforms.

If you want to learn more about Trustpilot, our integrations, and what we can do for your reputation, your marketing, and your company, just request a demo below.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can to show you why Trustpilot is the right customer review software for you.


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