How increased product review collection by 1900% with Trustpilot

Friday, June 28, 2019
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As the world’s leading sports injury, rehab, and fitness website, UK-based offers a wide range of sports medicine products, along with educational content to empower their customers with practical knowledge about their sports injuries.

Because of the functional yet personal nature of products they sell — and their focus on providing customers with helpful information — social proof and customer feedback are essential to their success. In their 3 years using Trustpilot they’ve collected more than 20,000 reviews of their business, allowing them to continuously reflect on and improve their service.

Like many other companies selling online, already had a product review solution when they came to Trustpilot — but they were looking for more. With the goal of empowering their customers to choose the perfect product on their first try, they wanted their customers to have access to more detailed information about the defining attributes of each product.

They made an easy switch to Trustpilot Product Reviews in January 2019, and are now planning to roll it out to even more of their business units.

PhysioRoom Trustpilot Product Reviews Key Benefits

To better understand how the business uses product reviews to learn from their customers and exceed sales targets, we spoke with Lee Bannister, Head of Contact Center at

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Understanding the attributes behind the product rating

Because also manufactures some of its products, they look to product reviews to inform their internal product development and to make sure they’re providing exactly what their customers need. For example, if a product has consistent reviews citing low value for money, they know everyone would benefit from refining that product.

For this reason, they were particularly interested in a product review solution that made it super easy for customers to describe specific characteristics.

Enter: Product Attributes, a Trustpilot feature that allows customers to rate key product features, thereby providing helpful insights to fellow shoppers and valuable feedback to product sellers.

Because Product Attributes are a standard out of the box feature for Trustpilot Product Reviews, it was easy for to get everything up and running. In no time it was clear that offering this kind of in-depth look at specific product characteristics leads to customer confidence and easier purchasing decisions (read: more online sales).

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Their Product Return Specialist also benefits from this additional level of insight into their products and expects to see a lower rate of return now that customers are far more informed about the product before buying.

Trustpilot product reviews

Why the method of collecting product review matters

Before signing on for Trustpilot Product Reviews, only collected product reviews with a link in the order confirmation email, and on the product page itself. As a result, they had just a humble number of reviews flowing in, making it difficult to use them as a resource for product development or customer feedback.

Lee Bannister reviews increased by 2000 percent

With Trustpilot Product Reviews, their customers are asked to leave the review 10 days after they purchase an item. This simple tweak in the review collection process resulted in a huge increase in product review collection, from 10 reviews on average to 200 reviews per month — an impressive 1,900% increase.

Before and After Trustpilot Product Reviews
Product Review Collection Before and After Trustpilot

The team at also attributes some of this success to the power of third-party validation. Because the Trustpilot review invitation email features the Trustpilot logo and stars, customers feel confident in the integrity of the review platform and are more likely to leave a review.

Exceeding sales targets with Trustpilot Product Reviews

On top of their booming review collection, has noticed some additional improvements since implementing Trustpilot’s Product Reviews — the detailed information available through Product Attributes has even created a positive ripple effect on the consultative way the sales team discusses products and solutions with customers.

With the higher number of detailed reviews to refer to, the sales team is empowered to deliver nuanced and accurate product information to make sure customers walk away satisfied every time. has also enjoyed an uptick in sales from their B2B customer base of medical and fitness professionals, who also read their newly detailed product reviews and refer to relevant ones during their patient consultations. Incorporating this helpful source of information (and a healthy dose of social proof) into their patient and client consultations has led to a steady increase in sales of’s products — translating to a solid 8% increase in their B2B product sales month on month.

As continues to grow and improve, we have no doubt that they’ll harness the power of Trustpilot Product Reviews in new ways that lead to better product offerings, and ever-improving experiences for everyone.

Ready to join them at the front lines of customer experience and innovation? Trustpilot can help you use Product Reviews to learn key insights from you customers.


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